The ultimate green drink

Making a juice at home is cost effective, and you can share it with the whole household.

Home Made Green Juices are the ultimate way to start your day.


Commercial juice bars offer a wide selection but can often be expensive. This juice recipe shows you how to keep it simple and cost effective by making it at home. All you need are 6 energy boosting ingredients that will set you up for the day. Enjoy as part of a balanced breakfast or bring it with you on the go.

Coconut water: One of the simplest tips for avoiding fatigue is staying hydrated. While water is the most obvious choice, coconut water contains electrolytes such as potassium which are crucial for proper hydration. It’s tropical taste make it an obvious choice for this recipe.

Banana: The potassium rich ingredient is a great base for this juice because it’s filling but won’t leave you sluggish and it offers slow releasing energy due it’s complex carbohydrates and energising vitamin B6.

Apples: Apples will stabilise blood sugar and keep you content until lunchtime. The natural sweetness is great if you want to avoid the junk food but still crave that sweet sensation.

Spinach: This leafy green is nutrient dense and packed with 13 vitamins and minerals. Lead researcher Professor Eddie Weitzberg, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm found that it’s the nitrates in spinach which hold the real energy boosting properties. They increase cell efficiency which in turn improves circulation and provides energy.

Lemons: Like all citrus fruits are a refreshing way to add flavour and get that energy boost without reaching for the caffeine or processed sugar.

Ginger: Known to improve blood flow circulation. It is this function that boosts energy from consumption. It’s distinct fiery flavour will really make this juice zing.

200ml coconut water
1 small banana (chopped)
1 small green apple (chopped)
A handful of spinach (15g)
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of ginger (chopped)
4 ice cubes

Add the coconut water first, then the banana, apple,spinach, lemon juice and ginger.
Blend until smooth.
Add ice cubes and blend for a few seconds.
Serve and garnish with some chopped spinach and a slice of lemon.

*This recipe makes 1 serving (450ml) and costs $3.18 to make.

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