For a spectacular workout with your partner, Acroplay could be for you.

It looks incredible, and gives your body a full workout. Acroplay could be the new workout for you.

Acroplay is a spectacular way to get fit with your partner.

Bondi Beauty spoke to John Hosie, Director of the Sydney Acrobatics School to learn more about this spectacular sport.

1)   What is Acroplay?

ACROPLAY is a blend of acrobatics and yoga training that everyone can do,and works to improve your core strength, body awareness, fitness and flexibility throughout. It is a fun, social activity suited to all ability levels. Each class follows a pattern of skills building, and through the creative collaboration of participants, beautiful shapes and balances are built, and creative fun rotations and transitions developed.

2)   Does it involve music/group training?

ACROPLAY is primarily a lively experience with another person, friends, or group.  Although music can always add to the enjoyment of a session, it is not always necessary as people can be fully engaged and focussed purely working on their movements or their unique creation of sequences. Training is done in groups every week.

Acroplay in action.

3)   How does it differ from yoga?

While a number of yoga postures have been adopted into ACROPLAY, the disciplines are quite different – this is a partner or group pursuit which involves both vocal and physical interaction between the participants. It also establishes trust and allows flowing creativity between participants that often culminates in lots of photographs and videos being made to record what you have achieved.

It would be fair to say however, that if you practice yoga regularly, you could easily make the leap into ACROPLAY, and that regular training quickly builds essential core strength, fitness endurance and flexibility which in turn enhances yoga practice.

4)   How and where did Acroplay evolve from?

ACROPLAY draws elements from many disciplines, including Sports Acrobatics, Circus Adagio, Circus Icarian Games, Acrobalance, Gymnastics and Yoga.  Its aim is to deliver a fusion of achievable acrobatic based elements for everyone to work with, that work to tone the body and improve overall fitness and flexibility.

5)   Can anyone learn to do it?

Absolutely, the purpose of ACROPLAY is to open up the world of acrobatics to everyone.

Although people often become proficient quite quickly, this sport is in no way limited  to the elite, or to people who have some sort of gymnastics background.  This sport is open to all abilities and age groups,  it is always taught in an understanding, supported, safe, fun and gentle manner – and will almost always let you amaze yourself with achievements you did not imagine you could do. this is the purpose of ACROPLAY.

6)   Is it as challenging for men as it is for women?

Some would say more so. Men are often the Base (person on the ground), which is basically a strength and flexibility workout for a large range of muscle groups including legs, abdominal, chest, shoulders and arms.  Additionally, in this role the base is responsible for the safety of the Flyer (person off the ground), and is conscious of the fact that the success of all rotations and balances relies heavily on the precision of their movements.  In saying this though, we encourage men to be Flyers too with male or female Bases or multiple bases at the same time!  We work on a broad range of movements that are suitable for the Flyer being larger than the Base.

7)   What is the process (or steps) to become proficient?

There are six main steps:

  • Initial understanding of how to play safe.
  • Essential techniques and core balances.
  • Transitions between balances.
  • Rotations, where the Flyer will perform whole body rotations.
  • Pops where the Flyer moves very quickly through the air between postures.
  • Creation of routines or just playfully jam where there results an entertaining sequence of movements, balances, rotations and pops.

8)   What benefits does it give the body?

Complete body workout. Flyers will very quickly attain abdominal and core strength.  The fitness level of participants will increase dramatically.  The beauty of ACROPLAY, however, is that its practitioners never consider it a ‘workout’ and are motivated to get fitter and more flexible purely just to attain a higher level of ability.

9)   Where can people find a place to learn to do it?

Come to our school classes in Bondi (contact us on e-mail is best, website or Tel: 0424 076 004), just bring yourself – no partner or previous experience necessary.  Book in for group or private lessons. Check our online guides, or have a look at our DVD Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced E-books.

10)  Who would you recommend it for?

Anyone who is in reasonably good health. People who may get the best benefit from ACROPLAY include:

– Friends and partners who would like to practice safe and fun acrobatic movements, and who are perhaps looking for sports  they can enjoy together.
– Yoga practitioners who are looking to broaden their practice.
– Teachers of acrobalance, yoga or gymnastics who would like to expand and build on their skills.
– People who are seeking new challenges in the pursuit of fitness and strength.
– Adagio performers or hobbyists who want to strengthen their hand-to-hand skills and fine tune their partnering abilities in the areas of accountability – safety and trust.

However, really everyone should experience ACROPLAY and find out for yourself what you can do.

Have you tried acroplay?

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