Sculpt Your Legs, Butt and Abs at the New Bondi Pilates Studio MPower



MPower Pilates launched their ‘back to basics’ Pilates studio this year in Bondi, and they are on a mission to channel the true concept of Pilates to all their clients.

Bondi Beauty chats to the founders Michelle Koton and Peta Green on what inspired them to start their own Pilates Studio.

Michelle discovered Pilates in 1997 and became completely obsessed with the concept of how you can use your own body strength to tone, support and strengthen the body through Pilates.

In 2000 she completed her Classical Pilates Training under the banner of Romana Pilates who had trained under Joseph Pilates and took over his studio. Since then Michelle has travelled the world with her Pilates knowledge and training, completing workshops, seminars and conferences on the art of Pilates.

From an entirely different background, Peta trained as a ballet dancer at the National Theatre Ballet School and working as a contemporary dancer for the Sydney Dance Company, Peta embarked on an intensive Pilates training program in Sydney with Cynthia Lochard before travelling to New York to study at the original studio where Joseph Pilates taught.

There Peta continued her Pilates journey teaching at the famous AB studio with Brooke Siler, teaching people of the likes of models Stella Tenant, Katie Ford and ballerina, Suzanne Farrell.

Both Peta and Michelle have known each other for more than twenty years and meet in New York when they were studying Pilates under Romana in New York City at the original Joseph Pilates studio.

“Although we had never worked together, we were always in contact with each other. We tossed around the idea of creating a studio together, but I suppose the timing was never right.

So, although the idea was there, we were both on entirely separate Pilate journeys and it wasn’t until recently the timing just changed and we found ourselves back on the path of wanting to create something together.” They told BB.

Keeping with the original concepts of Pilates, MPower specialise is maintaining the root foundations of where Pilates originated from, with a slightly modern spin where new techniques are incorporated with the core of Joseph Pilates original exercise movements.

“We wanted to create an original true to form source of Pilates to our clients, where the application of modern techniques and current mechanics are applied to create a stronger core foundation of exercise.” They told BB.

MPower is a creation of both Michelle’s and Peta’s personalities, fresh, friendly and warm.

The studios are a comfortable space of natural wood, where all the reformer machines, seats and additional Pilates equipment are made from wood. White walls are complimented with wooden floor boards and floor to ceiling windows which allow plenty of natural light to shine through whilst you work out, makes the studio feel modern, fresh and healthy.

The staff are well trained and well informed on all the latest Pilates techniques (old and new) and their community-based attitude where anyone of any age and of any sex can simply walk in and work with one of their team members is both warm and friendly.

“We had been dreaming for years about creating a Pilates space where like-minded people can feel comfortable, welcome, stimulated, motivated and empowered. Creating a studio where we could gather teachers and students from all walks of life who share our passion correct and authentic teachings by Joseph Pilates.”

Most recently, MPower Pilates has made a commitment in January and February to support mental health awareness and partnered up with Beyond Blue where they donated ten percent from all ten pack Pilates programs purchased. Their hopes are to continue support mental health awareness in the community through exercise and the power of health and wellness.

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