When the world gives you lemons…



One wonders if lemons are the ultimate fruit, as there are multiple uses for lemons, here are five you may not know about:

Lemon slices background

There are many more uses for lemons other than de-toxing – and they can bring health into your life.

1) Whiter nails the natural way Soaking your nails ( without polish) in lemon juice for 10 minutes a day once week whitens them fast, and keeps them chemical free.

2) Lighten Hair the Natural Way Great in Bondi – put lemon juice in your hair before a day on the beach or anywhere in the sun and it will lighten your hair naturally.

3) A natural kitchen cleaner Squeeze natural lemon on to chopping boards to not only leave them smelling fresh, but to disinfect them naturally. Boil lemon and water and use to clean the fridge, oven and microwave – you will be amazed. Lemon also works on stainless steel kettles, pots and sinks – but mix it with salt.

4) Hand cleaner Brilliant to remove self-tan staines from hands, rub lemon onto your hands and they will come off clean and fresh.

5) Fresh Food Avacado and bananas wont go brown when cut open if you squeeze lemon juice on top – it acts as a preservative.


Renae Leith-Manos


Renae Leith-Manos travels the world writing (www.renaesworld.com.au). She has had a colourful media career as a journalist in many magazines and newspapers, and spends her time writing, consulting to new businesses, running, doing yoga, swimming & cycling.
She's likes healthy eating, but thinks chocolate cake is just as important as kale chips.
She spends most weekends hanging out with her gorgeous twins.

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