Why Body Positive Activewear Is The Way Forward.



Put your best foot forward with fitness fashion brand, STAX.

Since launching their first major collection in 2017, Aussie brand STAX Activewear has grown 2000%. Co-owner Matilda Murray attributes the brand’s huge success to their inclusive campaigns and fashion forward designs.

This online activewear brand embraces men and women of all shapes and sizes with fashion forward designs that suit all body types.

“I always have people telling me that they’re not confident enough to exercise, or they’re waiting to lose weight before they [wear that fitness gear]”, says Matilda.

She says, through STAX, “I just want people to celebrate who they are today. I think having an inclusive range of activewear helps that, because you don’t have to think ‘I have to lose this weight to fit into the clothes, or have to gain weight here, to fill out the clothes here.”

STAX was founded in Perth in 2015, when Co-creator Don Robertson, an ambitious millennial entrepreneur, had a vision of two hoodie designs. In 2019, owners Don and Matilda have moved to Sydney, which Matilda says is when the brand really took off.

When designing their clothes, STAX prioritises high quality and flattering designs that are created to suit men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Their Best Black Bike Shorts collection ranges in size from XXS to 3XL, with their campaign photoshoots showcasing real women. Matilda says the team is looking to match this sizing range across all of their collections because, “everyone deserves to feel good in our clothes”.

Matilda says, “being able to jump online and buy activewear, knowing that the clothes will fit you is super important…

“We spend so much time and take a lot of care when designing the product (even down to where the seam goes) to ensure that it flatters the body. So, we want to be able to showcase that everyone can wear these products.”

Since the creation of the brand in 2015, Matilda says she’s seen a huge shift in the fitness and fashion industry towards a more inclusive, diverse and body positive representation of people, which she says is amazing.

“I don’t think you can get away with not doing it anymore. I don’t think you should be applauded for being ‘an inclusive brand’, I think it should just be a standard that people can fit in everything that they want to buy”, she says.

Aside from their focus on diversity and inclusivity, Matilda attributes STAX’s success to their influencer and social media marketing. Indeed, STAX has been seen on some of the biggest influencers around the world, including highly successful Aussie influencers like Skye Wheatley (615K on Insta) and Steph Pacca (896K on Insta).

Since this time last year, STAX has grown 2,000% which is an incredible feat given bottlenecks such as COVID-19 interfering with shipping and campaign shoots, and STAX is not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

STAX is definitely a brand to watch, so keep an eye out for their signature white STAX. logo.

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Tara Mckenzie


Like many of Bondi Beauty's readers, Tara has two main passions; health and beauty. As a group fitness instructor you'll either find her dripping in sweat during a HIIT class or with a full face of bronze makeup. If you meet Tara in person be prepared to act excited as she tells you all about your star sign and why you should start carrying a rose quartz around in your purse.

2 thoughts on “Why Body Positive Activewear Is The Way Forward.

  1. Yourjoking@annon.com' Annon says:

    Your joking right? Their “collections” only go up to XL and are done with insta influencers that are XS sizes and in their recent steph pacca line you had to size up in the crops because they were a small make – how is that bringing and positivity towards how people feel about their bodies?

    1. Tara Mckenzie says:

      Hey there, thanks for your comment! We definitely understand that there is a lot more work to be done in this area to make the activewear/ fashion industry, in general, more inclusive and accepting. We think it’s great that STAX. is making an effort to include a range of sizes especially as part of their best selling Best Black… collections. Their tights go from XXS to 4XL and their shorts go to 3XL, which we think is amazing, and we are excited to see this sizing chart added to all of their collections.

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