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Can Crystals Really Change Your Life?

A simple Guide to how crystals can help change your life Crystals and stones have long been thought by many, to help boost overall wellness and health. But do they really work? Regardless of whether or not you believe crystals offer healing powers, crystals are all the rage right now. Many advocates of crystals believe […]

5 Reasons Your Gut Health Is More Important Than You Think

Recent studies from the John Hopkins Centre for Neurogastroenterology in Baltimore have determined that the gut acts as a second brain to the body. The gut has its own enteric nervous system (ENS) to control digestion, unlike other body parts which rely on brain signals. This means that the digestive system can adapt to the […]

Travel Destination Bucket-List After Covid-19

Although it seems a long way off, the end of Coronavirus will undoubtedly bring a whole lot of joy to the people who had to put trips on hold and sadly cancel bookings for this year. While we wait for that day, what may help in this time, is dreaming – possibly even planning where […]

Six Ways Indoor Plants Are The Best Investment In Your Health

Indoor plants are more than just a pretty face. Believe it or not, indoor plants are on trend, with plant-filled homes taking over Instagram. And, people are heading to Bunnings and plant boutiques in droves to satisfy green cravings now they are spending more time at home.  This plant addiction is actually doing more good than bad, and there […]

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