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Fitness = Better Sex. Fact.

Exercise for the best sex of your life. Women who exercise regularly experience improved sexual desire, performance and enjoyment. Whether your sex life is non-existent or ticking along, there is always room for improvement. Even if it’s smoking, wouldn’t you like an insurance policy to keep it that way? ‘Good sex’ can be defined as […]

Stephanie Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw share their top five fitness tips

Stephanie Claire Smith, 23 and Laura Henshaw, 24 created an online lifestyle program called Keep It Cleaner, aimed to help young girls maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being in the public eye, the two girls have felt the pressure to stay thin and have struggled with low self-esteem. Smith has recently spoken about her battle with […]

Male Birth Control Is Here, and It’s Inspired by Cocktails

Male Birth Control Is Here, and It’s Inspired by Cocktails Previously, birth control has been largely left up to the responsibility of women, and from the pill, intrauterine device (IUD), and female condoms, there’s no shortage of different options. But now, researchers from China’s Nanchang University have developed a form of male birth control, and […]

Stretching 101: Tips from an Expert

Ex-professional dancer and founder of Lean Bean Fitness, Lizzie Bland, gives Bondi Beauty the 101 on Stretching.

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