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Degrees Most Likely to Lead You to Become a Billionaire

The decision to undertake tertiary studies is a big one and picking the ‘right’ degree can be an important choice.

How To Create A Botanical Garden Inside Your Own Home

Lifestyle and interior designer, Geneva Vanderzeil reveals her tips and tricks on how to master the perfect botanical garden inside the house Indoor plants are on the rise with platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok showcasing some of the best plant-decorated homes.  During lockdown, plants have become a way to occupy people’s free time as […]

3 Simple Tips to Save Money for Travel in 2022

Travelling is a freeing experience that provides us with invaluable experiences and memories we can cherish for a lifetime. Whether it be broadening our horizons, finding a summer romance in a foreign country or seeing landscapes that make us feel in awe of the world, there is something for everyone in travel. Travel is an […]

How To Beat Loneliness in 2021

Good connections and social support are vital to our wellbeing, but with COVID19 causing a disturbance to the way we socialise, people now more than ever are feeling the brunt of loneliness.

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