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I woke up at 5.30am for a month, here is what I got out of it

There has never been a better time to shake things up, and waking up at 530am for a month did just that for me.

What it is like to visit Melbourne right now.

a bullet point guide to what it is like to visit Melbourne right now. And what has changed.

How To Thrive This Summer & Lose Weight, Save Money & Have More Free Time.

After the year we have had, how to thrive this summer, lose weight save money and save time sounds a bit too good to be true, but read on.

The Foundation Tips From A Mecca Artist For A Flawless Look Without Too Much Effort

I was in Melbourne last week, and Serena at Mecca gave me some amazing but simple tips for a flawless foundation look without too much effort.

Road test: The NEW Fitness Classes To Get Your Summer Body Back.

Getting back into fitness isn’t easy, but these are the three classes I am road testing, and are just what you need to get your summer body back.

Life After Lockdown: The Lost Art Of Conversations With Strangers.

Life after lockdown has not been what a lot of us expected, and it is the conversations with strangers that I now realise I missed most.

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