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Keeping fitness in the family.

Yesterday one of my dreams came true. I ran a race, like a proper, organised race with my children. It was the 10km Blackmores Bridge Run in Sydney. The three of us registered, trained, braved the registration event at town hall to collect our bibs, then got up early on the day, caught the train […]

How you can help save the planet from our obsession with devices

How many electronic devices have you bought this year? It is September, and my household count is nine. And those purchases have made 4 electronics devices redundant. And the old devices are still sitting around my house, hardly a model of sustainability. But apparently I am not alone. Australia is one of the highest users […]

Why Pilates could be the easiest way to get the body you want

. Pilates is having a huge re-surgence in Sydney with studios popping up all over the place. M Power Pilates in Bondi invited me  to spend a month with them, and it was fantastic. The experience has already changed my relationship with pilates and exercise in general – and with my body. I generally like […]

From The Editor: Facebook and Linked in are not dating sites

Please DON’T Try and Date me (or anyone else) via Facebook or Linked In It should be pretty obvious; dating sites are for dating, business sites are for business and friendship sites are for…yep, friendship. Sounds simple, right? If only it actually was. Too many people have it all confused, and use all sites for […]

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