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It’s Finally Time to Travel – Yay! (Where to Go in NSW)

It seems like forever since we have been able to leave home, but government restrictions on travel around NSW have lifted. This means it’s officially time to take a break. Whilst I think the idea the Queensland government have their boarders closed is beyond ridiculous, (and the cost has been estimated to be more than […]

MasterClass, yep, it’s well worth it.

Sending big thanks to my friend who recommended MasterClass to me, it is the thinking woman’s Netflix. Learning from Anna Wintour,  Martin Scorsese, Annie Lebowitz, Christina Aguilera, Natalie Portman, Dan Brown and Serena Williams (and plenty more) was a temptation I could not resist. MasterClass is an on-line platform offering on-demand learning covering just about […]

5 Ways A Morning Run Will Change Your Life

I believe waking up early and doing exercise is the foundation to a “can-do”, positive, optimistic, winning mentality. People are asking how they can change their lives and give themselves energy and a mental boost following one of the toughest periods any of us have ever faced during the lockdown for Covid-19. I know it […]

My favourite winter skincare items (that don’t cost a bomb).

It’s important to refresh your beauty cabinet when the weather changes, and given the amount I (usually) travel, I have some tried & tested products I change with the weather. But which products should you spend your money on? Post Corona, we are all more conscious of value for money and I’ve never believed it’s […]

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