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Recipe: Make Your Own (Mega Healthy) Infused Raw Protein Chocolate

There are a host of known benefits from raw protein chocolate, and that’s before all of the other ultra amazing ingredients are infused into this recipe from Sydney’s Pixiehands. This is a recipe for infused home made chocolate protein that tastes delicious, but is amazingly good for you. Infused Raw Protein Chocolates can support digestive […]

Delicious healthy banana & sticky date cake recipes from food and nutrition writer Louise Keats.

Instagram is flooded with cakes and recipes people are making at home during this time of isolation. Sydney based food guru Louise Keats has shared two of her most delicious cake recipes with Bondi Beauty: Banana Sesame Cake and Spelt Almond, Sticky Date Pudding. Both are lower in sugar than traditional cake recipes, and both […]

The Best Hearty Soup Recipes for Autumn

As the weather becomes colder, the most satisfying meal to come home to is a hearty bowl of soup (and it is cheap). The best thing about soup is that there is an endless variety of ways to make it, both in flavour and in texture. By having a hot bowl of soup for dinner, […]

3 Ingredients To Boost Your Immunity.

Ever wondered where superfoods get their superpowers from? Anyone with an interest health and fitness has heard of macronutrients (carbs protein and fats), and micronutrients (the essential vitamins and minerals), but the new buzzword in the fitness world right now is mesonutrients. ‘Meso’ means ‘middle’ or ‘inside’ in Greek, and so is like the forgotten […]

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