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Is This “Magical Ingredient” the Cure for Acne?

How a gentle, non-burning line of products is paving the way for acne treatment. When Ebony Ilsley’s husband came home from work holding an orange tube and said the words thousands of people worldwide are desperate to hear; “I’ve got the cure for acne”, the beauty therapist from Melbourne was a little sceptical. “Being a […]

Say Yes to Grapeseed Oil in Your Skincare

Grapeseed Oil is fast becoming a star of skincare and here’s why: Face oils often get a bad rep. From the misconception face oils can clog pores, create excess sebum and even cause breakouts, the varying reports of people claiming oil is bad for you means most people tend to stay away from them. As […]

Why Personalised Facials Are The Next Big Thing In Beauty.

This independent flagship store in Sydney creates personalised facials so no treatment is the same. As the world becomes more fast paced, and we continue to be bombarded with a plethora of skincare products and treatment options it is easy to become overwhelmed. The question of which serum to use for which condition and whether […]

Forget Fat Freezing – Should You Be Fat Burning Instead?

Trialling the new LIPOcel Fat Burning treatment by Elite Body Contouring Fat reducing procedures are generally considered fairly divisive. In a world where we want to accept our bodies for what they are (fat and all), there is no hiding the stats on the growing interest in both invasive and non-invasive body treatments to help […]

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