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Busting the Myths on Anti-Pollution Skincare

Biologi Founder and Cosmetic Chemist Ross Macdougald busts the myths on whether anti-pollution skincare is really a thing and if it actually works or not. There’s no escaping pollution. Caused by gas, smoke, dust and chemicals, all of which contaminate the air we breathe with harmful micro-particles. And whilst pollution continues to be an ongoing […]

Why I’m Choosing Natural Over Painted Nails Post COVID-19

With renewed nails which haven’t been painted for months, I’m choosing not to go back to the nail salon. For Now. As we emerge out of lockdown after three months of semi-isolation in Australia, the decision whether to go back to the nail salon or not got me thinking. Who else is struggling to go […]

The Social Media Hashtag Which Made Over $100,000 Beauty Sales in One Week

Sydney-based skincare brand Yamco made over $100k in their first week of sales using one simple hashtag #nofilter. The founders, Sydney-based best mates Tony Yammine aged 22, and Daniel Saad aged 28 contribute the success of their launch to the use of a clever hashtag which is now used commonly on social media with more […]

How To Master Kylie Jenner’s Rainbow Manicure

Rainbow nails have become the hottest style-craze of the season, so much so, that the infamous trend-setting Kylie Jenner is sporting them too. With Winter approaching and the days getting gloomier, bright, multi-coloured nails are popping up all over Instagram.   From block colours to rainbow French tips, this is your ultimate guide to a flawless […]

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