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Rihanna creates Fenty Beauty ‘Tik Tok House’, Exclusively for Tik Tok Creators

Purchasing a home in Los Angeles exclusively for TikTok influencers, Rihanna says she is hoping to inspire a new generation of content creators. Pop star and beauty mogul Rihanna is no stranger to looking towards the future. Her beauty brand Fenty Beauty paved the way for inclusive makeup, a “beauty for all” that featured tones […]

Why Dry Shampoo Should Be With You At (Almost) All Times

Dry shampoo can be your best go-to hair product for fresh, volumised, clean hair every day. Dry shampoo hair gurus Batiste have just released two new dry shampoos, bare which is super light with a feminine fragrance, as well as colour-protect for coloured or processed hair. As hairdresser Alex Fuchs explained from Fuchs, “just an […]

Have You Heard About Natural Botox?

If you’re looking for a non-invasive lift to the face, Natural Botox may be for you. Natural Botox is a term used for Cosmetic Acupuncture; a popular holistic, natural beauty treatment that can replace cosmetic botox. In 2018, Australia became one of the top five nations around the world having more cosmetic procedures than any […]

Forget Moody Nail Colours for Autumn – Wear Lime Green Instead

These are the only nail colours worth wearing for Autumn 2020. Instead of hitting up the predictable shades of moody nail shades like burgundy, deep purples, blues and blacks, check out the below trending nail colours for Autumn, which are sure to add a little more spice to your look. These five essential nail colours […]

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