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Aloe Vera: 10 Incredible Health Benefits

Aloe Vera is truly a miracle ingredient, with experts saying that the plant could contain up to 400 active ingredients, (according to Aloe Medical Group). The plant contains vitamins A, C, E and B12 alongside antioxidants, calcium, zinc and hundreds more beneficial minerals, enzymes and other properties that can help your body both inside and […]

Supercharged Beauty: Crystals in Skincare and Makeup

From highlighters to crystal-infused makeup remover, crystals in beauty are becoming a massive trend. Crystals such as diamonds, rubies, jade and rose quartz are more commonly found in jewellery. And for centuries, they’ve been used as powerful, ancient healing rituals and centreing tools. But now, they’re popping up in different, often usual places. From Miranda […]

Flawless Skin The Natural Way

There are many ways to achieve flawless skin the natural way, even if you have acne.  Bondi Beauty spoke to natural skincare expert and published beauty author Mukti about how to get naturally glowing and clear skin. Mukti, author of Truth in Beauty and founder of Mukti Organics skin care, knows her stuff when it […]

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