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Insider Beauty Secrets: How to Fix Bad Skin

Bondi Beauty got the inside scoop from three of Sydney’s top skincare experts on how to fix bad skin. From acne to scarring, dryness, redness and blackheads – having problematic skin is stressful and can be a huge impediment to feeling confident and beautiful. However, there is an abundance of health and skincare information online […]

A Hair Care Revolution: Pantene’s Micellar Shampoo

Pantene has launched a ground-breaking new range of haircare products using micellar. We’ve all heard about micellar water for skin, but Pantene has just revolutionised the hair-care world by releasing a range of micellar shampoos and conditioners. Bondi Beauty has trialled and reviewed the ground-breaking products. But first, what exactly is micellar, and what makes […]

Leading Korean Beauty Brand Has Launched in Sydney

BEAUTYLIFE Innisfree from South Korea has opened a stand-alone store in Sydney (check out the special deals!) Posted on March 21, 2019 Innisfree is South Korea’s biggest beauty brand.  It was established in South Korea in 2000, as the country’s first natural beauty brand and is sold in 14 countries. The unique skincare brand was […]

Say Bye Bye to Dry Skin For Good

Former Aussie Olympian Swimmer Giaan Rooney, says she has the solution to dry skin. We caught up with Australian Olympian Swimmer Giaan Rooney, and mum, who is the ambassador for E45, to find out how it relieved her suffering from excess dry skin conditions. How did you manage your dry skin conditions whilst being an […]

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