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10 Beauty Tips I’ve Learned as a Beauty Writer

Four years ago I thought I knew all I needed to know about beauty. But the tips and tricks I’ve learned from being a beauty writer are amazing. Hey guys, Rebecca here. I’ve been writing beauty for Bondi Beauty now for around four years or more, I’ve lost count to be honest. During that time, […]

Would You Spend More Than 1k on a Facial?

Where do you set the limit on how much you’re willing to spend on a facial treatment? And is it really worth it. In 2017, London-based celebrity facialist Joanne Evans launched her specialist facial treatment which involves a two and a half hour treatment of vitamin injections, lasers, ultrasound, a weird mask, a dermabrasion, and […]

This is How I Manage My Curly Hair from AM to PM

I tried and tested seven hair products which help me manage my curly hair from first thing in the morning to before I go to bed at night. Of course, many of the products I tested aren’t exactly specially formulated just for curly hair, they also work wonders for straight, frizzy, wavy, combination and fussy […]

Summer Beauty Secrets I’ve Stolen from Celebrities

There’s no doubt celebrities know how to look hot no matter whether the weather is hot or cold. They usually have a team of stylists on hand to keep them polished and looking hot for any occasion. But every now and then, a celebrity will let it slip and share a beauty secret they have, […]

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