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The Body Shop Releases NEW Age-Defying Skincare Range

The Body Shop is calling time on anti-ageing with their new skincare range ‘Drops of Youth’. Instead of combating age or the way we look, The Body Shop have decided it’s time to embrace what makes us unique and celebrate our features – that means all our funny lines and more. Teaming up with well-known […]

Does Your Skin Need a Detox?

Melbourne-based Skincare Therapist Gry Tømte from Norway says yes. Gry’s journey as a skincare professional started when she was in her mid-twenties. She had just moved to Australia from Norway when her skin began to break out. It progressively got worse where she ended up having a very long relationship with acne for over ten […]

Celebrate Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Give yourself some self love with one of these beauty products for Valentine’s Day. Full disclosure, Valentine’s Day has never really been a day I’ve enjoyed celebrating. Restaurants pump up their dinner prices, flowers are double the price, with roses being triple, and the amount of loved up advertisements online and plastered all over shop […]

Are Face Masks Better in the Morning?

The results are in and it looks like many face masks work better when used in the morning. It’s the end of the day, you have just finished dinner and now you begin your nightly skincare routine to cleanse away the day and renew for tomorrow. For many, your skincare routine probably looks a little […]

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