Foolproof Ways to Achieve the ‘Clean Girl’ Aesthetic

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From minimalist jewellery to dewy looking skin, here’s how you can achieve the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic

The ‘clean girl aesthetic’ has taken over Tik tok and Instagram and it’s here to stay. It has become more than a simple makeup look but rather a lifestyle.

Being coined the clean girl ‘it’ girl, model and media personality, Hailey Bieber has become the beauty icon and inspiration to all ‘clean girls’. Hailey exudes confidence, presents as though she has her life put together and is always rocking a fresh natural makeup look.

This trend is not something new however. Often dubbed as the new model off-duty look which became popular in the 90’s it’s no surprise this trend is making its way back into style.

It’s often a misconception that the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is reserved for people with already blemish free, flawless skin whose lives are put together. However, anyone can rock the clean girl aesthetic. Here’s how:


The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is all about natural looking, healthy looking and glowing skin. So starting with a fresh palette of healthy skin is an important step to achieving the clean girl look, as makeup will apply better and skin will thank you for it as well.

Making skin glow, means you need to maintain a good at-home skincare routine of weekly exfoliating, daily cleansing, and skin nourishing of serums, eye creams and moisturisers to help skin look its best.

Nu Skin recently launched their new skincare range called Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skincare. It’s an advanced line of skin care essentials heavily rooted in worry-free ingredients and clean formulas to nurture both the skin and the planet.

The 14-piece collection features cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, exfoliators and masks all formulated using a special blend of bioadaptive botanicals designed to help skin adapt to its ever-changing environment.

Skin feels protected and well balanced throughout the day, calm and less irritated from stress and environmental factors, and leaves skin looking radiant and glowing with noticeable signs of younger looking skin only a week after use.

The new range of Nu Skin Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care with Clean Formulas and Worry-Free Ingredients 


The ‘clean girl’ makeup involves dewy glowing skin, fluffy brows, glossy lips and rosy cheeks. Essentially, it’s a variation of the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. It presents as a minimal, effortless and luxurious look that has replaced heavy smoky eyes and sharp contours.

It’s all about glowing from within so consider switching to cream makeup products such as a cream blush and highlighter. Opt for a dewy concealer or foundation to brighten and highlight the face and always start with a light layer of makeup. 

Fluff and groom the brows with a simple clear or tinted brow gel or wax. Keep eye makeup simple using bronzy colours and add mascara. Glossy lips are a must so finish off the makeup look with a lip liner and tinted gloss.

Some popular go to products include:


Jewellery is also important to consider. According to the countless Tik Tok video tutorials on achieving the look, small gold hoops and minimalistic gold jewellery such as small necklaces, rings and bracelets is a must.


Next is hair. Hair styles are pretty flexible. Typically the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is popular for its slick backed hair and claw clips. Think low buns, sleek ponytails and stunning half up- half down styles. However, it’s also possible to ditch the slick back look and opt for a 90’s blow out style and face framing haircuts.


Instead of focusing on trendy fashion pieces that go out of style as quickly as they came into style, the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic focuses on chic, elevated basics. Ditch the loud prints and go for block colours, neutral tones, and keep it simple. Consider investing in a button down shirt, tailored wide leg pants, and matching sets for that put together look.

It’s a lifestyle

More than just an aesthetic or look, this trend has inspired new lifestyle routines. In short, the clean girl aesthetic lifestyle is inspired by self-care. This means indulging in an effective morning or night time skincare routine to ensure a glowing, dewy skin base.

Other lifestyle changes include a dedicated workout or fitness regime, whether that be Pilates, yoga or heading to a gym class. Having pretty home or bedroom décor and sipping matcha lattes.

Of course, this kind of lifestyle is not always achievable so feel free to fake it.

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