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Natural skincare brand Rawkanvas have developed products which don’t use chemically-derived ingredients.

Launching in 2018, all natural, vegan beauty brand Rawkanvas sells a product every fifteen minutes globally, delivering a high standard of natural skincare to the Australian and global beauty market. Their success comes down to the ingredients of their products which deliver on treating a variety of skincare concerns.

Being cruelty-free, vegan and as natural as possible, the brand used ingredients like carrots as the vitamin A component, (aka: retinol), in their serums and creams, instead of using heavy chemically compounded ingredients which can cause serious skin irritation from redness, itchiness and even peeling.

This has contributed to the brand’s success of being a very natural beauty brand with cruelty-free, chemical free and vegan ingredients suitable for varying skin types, due to the lack of chemicals in each product. Which is also reflected in the names of each product like Refined, Harmony and Purified.

“We picked names which represented the key benefits of each products and what they do. For example the Harmony toner balances skin, the Detoxified body wash cleans skin of dirt and grime and the Purified cleanser removes dirt and dead skin cells from the deep in the pores.” The founders tell me.

Australians create an average of six hundred and sixty thousand tonnes of plastic a year, so to reduce their environmental footprint, all packaging for Rawkanvas is made from glass, which can be up-cycled back to Rawkanvas for repackaging.

The founders Simona Valev and Shannon Lacey, 30, from Queensland have a background in business and marketing. Like most women, their experience with beauty comes from a lifetime obsession with trying new products, and experimenting with what did and didn’t work for them.

A video showing you the beautiful glass bottled range of Rawkanvas

“We love vegan beauty for what it is – plant ingredients and cruelty-free practice. When we started Rawkanvas we knew we wanted to celebrate the connection between beauty, health and nature. So of course a vegan range was the only path we wanted to take. There is absolutely no reason to involve animals, animal derivatives, or animal testing practices, in the business of beauty,” Shannon said.

With more and more people worldwide now adopting products which are vegan and cruelty-free and with the EU now implementing their commitment to abolishing animal tested products globally for 2020, it made sense the founders of Rawkanvas would develop a product which was dedicated to just that, completely cruelty-free and of completely natural as well.

“The hurdles for anyone creating vegan products, are finding the right ingredients that perform as well as, or outperform, their chemical counterparts. Luckily for us, we’ve paired with a team of experienced chemists who are able to guide us to discover out-of-the-ordinary, or not well known ingredients.

When Simona had the idea, she entered an extensive research phase to locate out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. And when we wanted to produce our collagen product Eternal, it was important to find an alternative to bovine collagen, which is not animal-derived.”

“From a product perspective, we paired ourselves with a professional team of chemists to bring our product concepts to life. Our vision and research, aligned with their expertise, overcame most challenges (e.g. sourcing ingredients, the right mixtures) to create a highly effective, plant-based range. 

When it comes to customers, most of our customers are naturally vegetarian or vegan. However there is always a challenge presented to overcome the idea that plant-powered formulas are inferior to their chemical-based alternatives. “

Just some of the Vegan and natural skincare brand Rawkanvas products
A selection of the beautiful vegan and natural skincare range by Rawkanvas

So, this is an ongoing challenge but one we enjoy overcoming – it’s great when people provide feedback that they’re ‘surprised’ how effective Rawkanvas has been, especially when they’ve come over from a high-end, classic brand.” They said.

The last part of the branding was the packing, which is natural.

“We’re so happy to provide our skincare range in glass packaging, however it isn’t easy to work with . Glass weighs more for postage, it can break in transit, but we take the right measures and it’s absolutely worth it.

Plus, with glass, we’re able to run our recycling initiative. This originally posed challenges in how the process would work – would the customer be happy to take the time to wash their glass, package it up and post it back? Would we have the time to pre-sterilise these before sending to our manufacturer? Would the manufacturer be open to taking these bottles for sterilisation.

So, there was lot’s to think about, but the good news is it all worked out. And, our customers really do love it. We sleep better at night knowing we’re doing our part.” They both said.

Once you have finished your product, you rinse out the container and clean before sending back. Package up the glass jars well enough with either bubble wrap of old newspapers for protection and send off to the Rawkanvas Recycle program address and once the items have been received, you will receive a $10 voucher to put towards your next Rawkanvas purchase.

My Favourite Beauty Product of the Week:

Oil Garden Focus & Clarity Body Scrub RRP $14.99

Oil Garden Focus & Clarity Body Scrub

I’ve been an avid user of the natural botanical essential oils by Oil Garden for several years, using their aromatherapy oils in my diffuser to cleanse the air, motivate the mind and inspire the senses. So I was extra excited when they launched their skincare range in late 2018 as I hadn’t yet had the chance to trial the products.

Made with lemon, juniper berry and sweet fennel, the smell of this body scrub will send you to an exotic rainforest. I felt like one of those exotic women you see in the body wash ads on television, where they are wandering through a rainforest and happen across a waterfall to wash their body and hair in.

This body scrub is absolutely beautiful and skin feels revitalised and energised after use. The scrub component of the product has been developed from Sugar Cane resin, which is a renewable resource and prevents the unnecessary disposable of the resin lower the environmental footprint on the planet – winning.

I have mild sensitive skin, and found the lemons soothing rather than irritating. I would recommend you check what essential oils are okay to use if you have extra sensitive skin, as the Lemon essential oil is strong in this scrub and it may irritate if you are hyper-sensitive.

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