7 Reasons Zinc Sunscreen Is The Best Protection For Your Skin

The new look zinc sunscreen

Zinc sunscreen could be the best protection for your skin, and here’s why.

There are some amazing zinc formulas on the market that don’t leave you with a white cast and actually look good and are seamless on the skin. . 

1.   What is zinc sunscreen?

Let’s start with the basics. Zinc sunscreen is a type of mineral sunscreen, also known as ‘inorganic’ and often incorrectly referred to as ‘physical’ sunscreen. There are two main types of mineral sunscreens; one uses zinc oxide as the UV blocker, and the other uses titanium dioxide. 

2.   Zinc oxide absorbs a wider spectrum of UVA than titanium dioxide 

What are the main differences between the two mineral sunscreens? Both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are a white powder in raw form, and both absorb UVB and some UVA radiation. The main difference is that Zinc Oxide absorbs a wider spectrum of UVA. For a little refresher on what UVA is- they’re the rays responsible for causing fine lines and wrinkles.

3.   Zinc Sunscreen only reflects ~5% of UV Rays 

There’s an outdated belief that mineral sunscreens (like zinc) reflect all UV rays away from the skin and don’t absorb anything. For this reason, they’ve also been incorrectly referred to as physical sunscreen. The truth is that mineral sunscreens (including zinc) actually work by absorbing 95% of UV rays and reflecting only around 5% to a maximum of 15% away from your skin. In fact, all kinds of UV filters mostly absorb and convert to heat, and the heat generated is negligible. 

4.   Zinc sunscreens are really difficult to formulate

Did you know that zinc sunscreens can be quite complex to make them actually feel and look good on the skin? They have the disadvantage of often leaving a dreaded white, grey, or purple tinge to the skin and feeling sticky. Today’s zinc sunscreens have come a long way and now avoid some of these challenges by adding flesh-toned pigments to the formula. However, this creates other problems because there are many different skin tones, and all skin needs sunscreen.

5.   Not all zinc sunscreens make you look like a cricketer

Zinc sunscreen is traditionally ultra thick (in all the wrong ways) and leaves an awful white cast. Ultra Violette’s zinc sunscreen is (thankfully) worlds apart from this! It never leaves a white cast, and is actually ultra lightweight. It is SPF 50+, fragrance-free and has a comfortable matte finish.

6.   Sensitive skin normally loves zinc sunscreen

Truth be told, skin very rarely reacts to UV filters themselves – it’s generally the other ingredients used within a sunscreen formula that can cause irritation to sensitive skin types. However, if you often find your skin reacts to sunscreen or is generally sensitive, then it’s a good idea to opt for a zinc oxide formula. Many chemical sunscreens are non-irritating as well – but there might be a bit more trial-and-error involved if you don’t know the specific sunscreen filters you’re sensitive to.

7.   Zinc has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

One of the best reasons to use zinc sunscreen (besides sun protection) is the side effects of being anti-inflammatory. This makes it especially good for sensitive skin, as well as skin prone to eczema and rosacea. 

Feeling inspired to give zinc sunscreen a second chance? Head to Ultra Violette to try their stunning Lean Screen SPF50 Zinc Sunscreen now.

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