Match Your Nail Colour With Your Zodiac Sign

how to match the best nail shade to your zodiac sign

Just like your zodiac sign, your manicure says a lot about who you are.

Whether you like bold colours, dark shades, nudes or prefer to walk on the wild side with interesting patterns, jewels or flowers painted across your nails, the nail polish shades we find ourselves attracted to may actually be rooted in the cosmos, according to some astrologers. Linking our zodiac sign personalities to the types of nail shades we like to rock is an interesting way to look at beauty.

And if you’re anything like me, you will absolutely love the idea that you can match your nail shade to your zodiac sign. Just like you can match your hair colour, your clothing style and your crystals – and yes, I do all three.

If you rate your star sign’s astrological forecasts of warnings, motivation, inspirational guides and life choices, then it makes total sense you would rock specific hues on your nails which represent the types of moods which go along with your specific zodiac sign – right?

As a Virgo, nails play a huge part in my daily life. Meaning having my nails maintained makes me feel, well, put together so to speak. Of course, at times I do go naked with my nails keeping them natural, especially in the warmer months. However, even when my nails are not rocking colours, they are still buffed, cleaned and tidied with a clear shade of polish to ensure I still feel complete.

Believe it or not, there is a real science behind the whole matching colours to your star sign, or anything for that matter. It’s called Chromotherapy (colour therapy). Colour astrology claims certain colours have the ability to alter the mood, and our astrological profile and overall personality is then affected by certain pigments – colours.

Many astrologers also believe certain colours have the capacity to downplay some of our personality traits whilst others have the power to strengthen those zodiac attributes. This means, certain zodiac signs are associated with certain hues. You may find yourself reaching for a that fiery red, deep Burgundy, or natural beige as your fave nail shades time and time again. Turns out the stars may be the reason why you do this.

So, starting with Aries, we have gone through and picked the ultimate shades for you, matching your nail colour with your zodiac sign.


Aries are passionate, born to lead, and aren’t afraid of making a statement or trying new trends. This bold orange shade of coral by Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in shade Coral Reef RRP $13 is the perfect shade for a trendsetting ram, as they like to live on the edge and have the attitude to match their fiery attitude towards life.


The Taurus is a generous and determined bull who will do just about anything for someone they love, but they’re not fond of abandoning their routines and pushing out of their comfort zones. The delicate shade of baby pink by Burberry in Shade Rose Pink RRP $29 will go with anything and is perfectly matched to the personality of a Taurus.


Geminis have a tough time narrowing down their options and they get bored like, super fast. This is also a result of their multi-personalities they can often adopt at any given day. A multi-faceted opal polish like this one by OPI in Shade Neo-Pearl RRP $30.69 which changes colours in different light settings is a great choice for the indecisive twins.


The sensitive and highly imaginative crab’s sentimental nature leads a cancerian to make choices based on their ability to evoke emotion and beauty — and this carries over to colour as well. This subtle yet nuanced mint green hue by Nails by Nourished Life in Shade Bondi Icebergs RRP $16.95 is calming and chic, making it an apt polish choice for the cancer homebody.


Leos’ signature trait is their unwavering sense of pride and self-confidence. I mean, they are the sign of the Lion after all. This fire sign isn’t afraid of the possibility of coming off flamboyant when it comes to their personal style. This dazzling metallic brown shade by Orly in Shade Untouchable Decadence RRP $23.27 is a glitter-infused polish and the perfect shade for a Leo.


Virgos may be slight perfectionists and critical thinkers, but they also tend to have an artistic flare. Being a virgo, I can absolutely attest to this being 100 percent true. This cool mermaid inspired blue-green shade by OPI called Hidden Prism RRP $30.69 feels sophisticated and versatile but stands out more than your average black or classic dark red for a Virgo.


Libras are natural-born tastemakers that like to have fun and have an appreciation for the finer things in life. They love to show off their femininity (and designer handbags), which makes this stunning hot pink shade by Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in colour Blossom RRP $13  is a natural choice for the fun-loving sign of a Librian.


The zodiac says Scorpios have an endless sense of curiosity and manage to maintain a sense of mystery, despite their passionate demeanor and investigative nature. This sultry dark red shade by Jimmy Choo in Burgundy Night RRP $66 evokes all three of these traits and looks killer on just about any skin tone.


This fire sign has a knack for adventure and highly adaptable to whatever comes their way, making them the most well-traveled sign in the zodiac. This spunky blue-periwinkle hue by Essie called As If RRP $9 is versatile enough to match with endless outfits but is much more exciting than a neutral-toned nude.


Capricorns possess a no-nonsense approach to life and are guided by logic and order rather than emotional impulses. This unusual shade of grey shade by Nailberry Oxygen in Shade Mindful Grey RRP $24.40 is an excellent alternative to a practical pale pink or nude that the sign would likely reach for.


Aquarians are unapologetically independent and at times, fiercely analytical. While their admirable self-motivation is undoubtedly virtuous, the sign also appreciates order. This milky cream shade of white by Nails by Nourished Life in Colour Words on the Paige RRP $16.95 is very flattering and will look polished and refined, regardless of the season or occasion at hand.


As true chameleons who love to shake things up, this water sign is also known for their compassion and emotional intelligence. Pastel blues like this shade by Mavala in Blue Siesta RRP $8.50 reflect the sign’s balanced approach to adapting to their surroundings without the drama and their go-with-the-flow attitude.

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