Jasmin Singh-brar


Jasmin is a final year Journalism student at UTS. As well as a lover of all things coffee, health, fitness and beauty, Jasmin is addicted to seeking out the best lookout spots in Sydney and finding the next best story.

Too Stressed To Sleep? Here’s The Cure

Too stressed to sleep? New Research shows the cure could lie in consuming cane sugar, wheat germ, rice bran oil and beeswax before bed. With the high demands of everyday life and the juggling act of balancing work commitments, a social life, family, health, and relationships, it’s no wonder most of us are too stressed […]

Loving Your Siblings Helps Your Love Life?

A positive relationship with our siblings has a direct link to our ability to maintain and keep all our relationships happy. New research from Professor of Communication at the Augsburg College in Minnesota, Dr. Jenna McNallie, has found the exact behaviours that work to maintain healthy relationships between siblings. Which can also be applied to other […]

Allergy Prone Skin: Could These Ingredients Be Making It Worse?

Natural, chemical-free ingredients in skin care can be the best thing not only for your skin but your body too. Although if you have allergy prone skin, there are a few natural ingredients that might not be working for you. CINNAMON: Listed as Cinnamomum Camphora, Cinnamon is often used in facial scrubs and masks for […]

Is Caffeine to Blame For Your Sugar Cravings?

Ever wonder why after your daily coffee you’re craving that added sweet treat? Caffeine could be to blame for your sugar cravings. A new study from the University of Cornwell in the UK has found that having food with or shortly after coffee may temporarily irritate taste buds. Which ultimately makes these foods seem less […]

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