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Music makes you work out faster – fact.

Ever felt like you could run longer, peddle faster or train harder when you work out to music? Well, it’s not your imagination – you do. The research in the International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology leaves us in no doubt why fitness clubs pay big bucks to play your favourite tunes and earphones are […]

Want more money? Play more music.

Everyone loves listening to music, and listening to different types of music can actually improve your life. Here’s how: 1. Improve Focus Listening to certain types of music, specifically classical music with its harmonious melodies and lack of lyrics while completing multi-step, solution based tasks improves your concentration and alertness. So next time someone wants to […]

5 Great Things to do in Bondi in Winter

There’s a different kind of magic in Bondi in winter. Here are 5 things  we love: Bondi Ice Rink Only in Australia would you find an ice skating rink on the beach. The Bondi Ice Rink is, in fact, the only beachside ice rink in Australia so it’s definitely worth heading over to check out. […]

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