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8 Tips for Creating A ‘No Makeup” Natural Makeup Look

8 tips for creating a “no makeup” natural makeup look. In theory, creating a natural makeup look should be easier than going full glam. But often the skin is left looking cakey and over the top, and therefore not natural. For the best natural makeup look, follow these tips and trick below. It’s All About […]

Natural Beauty Products We Use & Love

‘Natural Beauty’ is looking beyond the buzzword and finding products that put their money where their beautifully painted mouth is. Not every beauty brand that claims to be ‘Natural’ actually is. Products that don’t have all the nasties such as parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or silicone’s is what you should be looking out for in ‘real’ […]

Beauty Secrets of Ancient Greece

What are the natural beauty secrets of ancient Greece? Did you know the women of ancient Greece wore different hairstyles to represent their marital status? Married women would wear their hair tied up in a bun and then accessorise it with flowers or jewels. And single women would curl their hair and let it flow […]