Atlas Master Class; How to Cook Better Meals At Home

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Forget commercial food delivery services, this fabulously fun global food delivery service in Sydney beats them all.

Who isn’t bored cooking at home right now? Lockdown has a way of stifling our creativity, our passions and our lifestyle. But this week Atlas MasterClass saved me.

It’s time to face the music – this is the closest I am going to get to Europe this summer.

Atlas Masterclass is a food delivery service that understands what the gobal traveller (who is severely stifled right now) as well as home chef in every family really wants. 

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The ingredients are of a much higher standard than other food delivery services.

And what they want is change, inspiration, engagement and escape. 

The first week a box of Atlas food arrived stamped with Lebanon which got me excited instantly.  There were even boarding passes inside (if only) which we all loved and had a laugh with.

The concept is each week Atlas delivers a box of food with recipes from one part of the world, so you can “travel” there via the recipes, food and info about that particular location.

Lebanon is a place I’ve never been to and I haven’t eaten a lot of Lebanese food, so this was super thrilling for me as well as my family. 

Each menu card is really a cooking lesson, a genuine escape from the everyday and regular same old home cooked meals I make every other week which we are all dead bored with.

Atlas Masterclass Food Deliveries are of a super high standard.
Atlas Masterclass Food Deliveries are of a super high standard.

The first recipe was beef Katya meatballs. The recipe had all sorts of ingredients we were all unfamiliar with, from pickled turnip to shawarma spice, and flatbread. 

Like other food delivery services there were recipe cards, but the cards come with images from Lebanon and images of the food that look like they’re from a restaurant rather than home cooking.I felt inspired.

We turned on a Lebanese music channel from Spotify which got us all in the mood and we pitched in to mix, shape and create a meal none of us had experienced at home before.

There was something about the newness of it that made us all feel happy, challenged and engaged, not only with the food but with each other. 

We had the best lunch in ages, and laughed together.

The big difference with other delivery services we have tried is the portions are generous. This means we all had a big feed, or had some food left over – that felt good.

The ingredients were very, very fresh, and gourmet. For every meal there were spices, sauces and ingredients that were unfamiliar – again very refreshing.

The feel of the recipe cards, the packaging and the actual quality of the produce felt more upmarket than a standard food delivery service.

We chose to have three meals delivered which was about right for one week, and all were consistently easy to make, deliciously tasty and something new and different.

Click here for more about Atlas.

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