Could CBD Could Be the Answer to Your Insomnia

could CBD help with insomnia

CBD is fast sweeping the world as the answer to pain relief and now insomnia.

CBD, aka: Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound of cannabis plant. And it may be the answer to helping people who suffer from insomnia.

The oil combines CBD extracts and hemp seed or coconut oil. Some people claim CBD oil can help with conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. And others also believe it increases energy and concentration in athletes.

CBD may just be the go-to to help with full-body rejuvenation.

And it is becoming easier to buy. There are a variety of online stores now legally selling CBD oils, such as Smoke Cartel, as well as many offline stores, dispensaries, and outlets who are now legally able to provide registered CBD oils to the public.

But what about insomnia? Can CBD actually help improve sleep patterns to promote quality sleep hours, reducing the symptoms of insomnia.

What is CBD, and how does it work?

Cannabidiol, referred to as CBD, is a compound in the hemp plant, including cannabis. It and the endocannabinoid receptors react to relax the body.

The compound has shown a progressive effect in alleviating anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. It is also used as a treatment for sleep disorders.

The popularity increased due to the absence of THC, which is responsible for the high in the cannabis plant. Unlike the cannabis plant, the substance does not cause euphoria.

The product is saturated in different forms such as oil, tincture, edible, vape pens, capsules, etc.

Studies are ongoing to discover further benefits of CBD medication. The plant has vast uses, many of which are yet to be uncovered.

The benefits of using CBD for insomnia:

CBD is a good option for sleep. The chemical works to increase relaxation, leading to faster sleep time.

Irregular sleep disorder, known as circadian rhythm disorder, is experienced when the body clock responsible for regulating sleep hours is altered. CBD can improve these sleep cycles by aiding the body through the normal sleep stage, preventing restless nights.

Given the product is not addictive, it does not produce morning grogginess, unlike the cannabis plant. THC in cannabis causes grogginess due to fatigue and drowsiness, but that chemical is not in CBD oil.

The hypothalamus regulates the body’s sleep pattern. CBD reacts and works with the hypothalamus to aid sleep patterns by reducing stress.

Insomnia is often a result of stressful emotional and mental reactions leading to restlessness. CBD reduces the dysregulated cycle of the stress hormone, thus balancing sleep and wake patterns.

CBD is natural and has shown no adverse side effects on patients. The present negative effects are minimal.

How to use CBD for sleep?

CBD capsules or edibles are the oral product. You can take them just before bed to increase body relaxation leading to quality sleep. The reaction will balance sleep and wake patterns in the body.

CBD also alleviates tension and anxiety. You can ease tension and anxiety by using CBD topically on the skin in the form of creams, lotions, etc. These products are applied to the skin, which reduces inflammation and thus alleviates tension and stress.

Before bed, you can use CBD topically in the form of bath bombs added to your bath. The effect increases relaxation and sleep by relieving stress quickly both via the bath and the CBD oil.

Aromatherapy with lavender and chamomile can be effective on depression in some people, and can reduce stress and anxiety. Adding CBD oil to this nightly ritual will increase the effectiveness of the natural oils, thus promoting better sleep.

Yoga and meditation are other natural ways to alleviate stress and improve sleep. Coincidentally, CBD can also increase focus and relaxation during yoga and meditation.

Taking breaks to perform yoga or meditation on a daily basis if at all possible is advised to reduce stress and increase sleep patterns. 

Many find the taste of CBD oil a little unpleasant, taking a capsule is an alternative way to ingest the oil.

Side effects of using CBD oil for sleep:

As explained, CBD can alleviate sleep problems by reducing stress. Stress is the primary cause of sleep disorders. 

The available studies have shown minor side effects of the compound. These adverse effects occur differently in different individuals. These effects can be due to overdoses or simply using the wrong product.

Some may experience diarrhea, tiredness, drowsiness, lack of appetite, dizziness, or nausea.

Stop using CBD products as soon as you notice any side effects or changes in the body or even mental state. Report changes to a doctor or medical professional for immediate attention to prevent complications.

You should see your doctor before implementing CBD products into your routine. The doctor will prescribe the right dosage and product. A visit to the doctor will help prevent complications or any misuse.

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