Now You Can Study Yoga Teacher Training Online.

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So much in the world has changed this year, including the way we study, and yoga teaching is now available online.

For over 10 years Demi has focused on Beauty and Health and are taking enrolments now for the nationally accredited Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga 52792WA Yoga teacher training.

Demi International is an award-winning registered training organisation (RTO) trusted by industry to provide quality graduates trained in Beauty, Screen and Media (Specialised Makeup), Salon Management and Remedial Massage.

What will you learn as you become a certified Yoga teacher?

Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga is so much more than postures and movements (Asana’s). There is a whole philosophy to it of living life more consciously.

In Yoga philosophy, there are 8 limbs of Yoga that guide you to awakening. A journey that is unique to each soul on the yogic path. The limbs are 

  • YAMA – Restraints, moral disciplines, or moral vows. How we act externally in the world.
  • NIYAMA – Positive duties or observances. How we act internally in the world.
  • ASANA – Posture. Movements and postures. The most well-known part of Yoga in the western world. 
  • PRANAYAMA – Breathing Techniques. Giving us a deeper connection to ourselves, others and the planet.
  • PRATYAHARA – Sense withdrawal. Interacting with the world through what you sense and feel.
  • DHARANA – Focused Concentration. Learning to calm the mind with focused concentration. 
  • DHYANA – Meditative Absorption.
  • SAMADHI – Bliss or Enlightenment.

As you move through your yoga teacher training journey, you will learn through your own experiences and reflections how the 8 limbs of Yoga are working in your life, and how you can enhance the way you move in the world, not just on your mat but off your mat in the real world as well. 

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Yoga on the beach is good for the soul.


Asana’s (movements and postures) are only one aspect of leading a more conscious life as a Yogi. 

In the Yoga Instructor Course you will learn how to integrate the 8  limbs of yoga into your daily life as well as look closely at the postures (Asana’s) and how to use the postures to open up the body, release deep tension, energetic and emotional blocks, calm and center the mind. You will also develop a personal practice that supports your growth and learn how to assist others to develop a holistic yoga practice that supports them individually and, in a classroom, collectively. 

This course also takes a deep look at anatomy and physiology, how the body moves and functions. You will also dive deep into Health, including how to work with the Australian health system and collaborate with allied health professionals. Including interpreting medical terminology, noticing red and yellow flag (warning signs of dis-ease and imbalance) in your clients and which health professionals to refer them to for support. 

How long does it take to become a Yoga teacher?

This course runs for 12 months and includes over 1200 hours of practice and supervised teaching. Demi International believes this is one of the best ways to become a yoga teacher as you receive a full 12 months of support and mentoring from your teacher as you move through your yoga teaching journey. 

It is recommended that you have a 12 month history of yoga practice, either personally or with a studio.

With this experience, you will find it easier to deepen your practice, move into more advanced postures and integrate the philosophy more easily. Through your experience you will also embody compassion for those who you will teach.  Chat with one of the course experts today to enrol in the Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices 52792WA

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