Ways to Get Back Into The Fitness Grind

Getting back into fitness after a long break can be a challenge. But with a fresh approach and by building support, you will be back into it before you know it.  

There’s no doubt a steady workout routine offers numerous benefits including alleviating stress, releasing endorphins and giving an overall sense of wellbeing.  

Here are 6 super easy ways to motivate you to get back into fitness: 

1. New activewear equals new motivation

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Reignite the fitness grind by making changes to your activewear wardrobe. Opting for a new workout set boosts your confidence instantly. It also creates the impulse to show off your new gear to the fitness world. Choosing activewear that fits well increases your wellbeing to truly reap the motivating effects.   

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2. Get outside

Exercising outside does wonders. Getting outside allows you to enjoy your surroundings, increase fresh air and can make you feel good. Go for a short run by the coast, or complete a short circuit in a beautiful park.   

3. Buddy up

There really is no better way of returning to the fitness grind than by going with someone else. Having a friend to hold yourself accountable really helps. But, even better it provides social benefits. Looking forward to a weekly catch up with your bestie will truly revitalise motivation.  

4. Short and Sweaty

Rather than going for lengthy workouts, reap the benefits of shorter exercise choices. For example, completing a HIIT training session in 20 minutes gets your heart rate up and the endorphins going. Other options can be going for a moderate run around your local park. There’s no doubt you will get your sweat on fast, without pleading for it to be over.     

5. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch 

Yes, it’s necessary to repeat this three times over. Not stretching before and after can make it harder for your body to recover after a long break. Light stretching reduces sore muscles by warming your body up prior to exercising. Even though it may seem time-consuming, the rewards of doing so are definitely worth it.       

6. Epsom salts are your new bestfriend.

In saying this, it’s unlikely your body will be utterly scathed free the next day. Even with all that stretching, aching muscles can persist. Avoid abandoning your fitness grind once again by being prepared for the painful aftermath of DOMS. Purchase Epsom salts from your supermarket and spend time soaking in the bath. After all, you deserve a relaxing reward for getting back into the fitness game. 

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