5 Workout Recovery Tools Designed to Help You Manage Pain

the devices to help you manage muscle pain

Whether you’re recovering from a hardcore workout, or you’re feeling sore after a long day at work, these are the latest and best recovery tools to use.

Traditional workout recovery methods like ice baths and hydrotherapy, although still effective, are slowly being replaced with revolutionary at-home recovery tools.

Instead of reaching for a pain pill these devices can help recover naturally from a range of pain and muscle issues.

Designed to help recover from everything including period pain, chronic pain, sports injuries, to muscle pain after a hardcore workout. These 4 devices are designed to help you manage the pain and get past it – Fast.

These tools can be used to heal from injuries faster, alleviate cramps caused from the monthly cycle, or to help muscles heal faster straight after a high intensity workout. 

Best Overall Device for Muscle and Chronic Pain:

Therabody Theragun – PRO RRP $749

The Theragun PRO puts the power of professional-gradetreatment in the hands of everybody. From advanced ergonomics to continuous battery life, every feature is designed with the performance and convenience of professionals in mind.

The ergonomic design of this device makes it easy to hold and access hard to reach places without twisting and contorting the body.

A great device to use on tired feet at the end of the day. Science has now proven a lot of tension in the body is the result of either being on the feet all day, or the wrong type of foot support worn. Treating sore spots on the feet, helps to release tension throughout the body, as it relieves tight nerves often responsible for sore muscles in the lower hips and even in the shoulder area.

It’s easy to use, and quiet too. It stands out from other similar devices, due to the rapid pulsating of the retracting gun, which massages against the skin using a rapid pounding affect creating a massage like therapy – just faster. Other similar don’t have this feature and remain in constant contact with the body.

Best Device for Minor Sports Injuries and Muscle Recovery:

Mibody by Nurokor Physical Therapy Device RRP $195

Combining the latest advances in PNS (Peripheral Nerve) and NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation, the Mibody device is an effective pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment for joints, sprains, strains, bruises, and minor sport injuries.

The team at Nurokor BioElectronics are a research-driven health tech company, who match the weight and quality of evidence to conditions, to discover how bioelectric technology can best be used for personal treatment use.

They work and collaborate with a multitude of top-field doctors, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, and athletes from around the world.

The device is easy to use and doesn’t require any smart device or app to operate. You simply apply the pads to the area you wish to treat, and connect the device to those pads, then use the + or – buttons on the device to either increase or decrease the electrodes of the pads to help treat the area with vibration.

Best Device for Boosting Fitness Performance and After Recovery:

Powerdot 2.0 Duo Smart Muscle Stimulator by Therabody RRP $429 (on sale right now)

This is a multifunctioning device which uses a cleverly linked app with a smart phone, to help with muscle recovery and even help boost (your) performance whilst working out, as the app provides useful guides and information to help you work harder and smarter.

It combines the effectiveness of TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to relieve pain with the long-lasting benefits of NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation), and a Smart Muscle Stimulator to block pain and help release endorphins, whilst also using a NeuroMuscular stimulation program designed to improve circulation for faster recovery, reduce atrophy during injuries, and improve the wellness of joints. 

The best part of this device is the therapeutic massage feature, which works to alleviate stress, anxiety, muscle aches and pains.

IT may even help reduce cramps and other muscle spasms during the monthly cycle. This feature is the called The Period Pain Relief Program and it uses one of the two types of electrical stimulation to help reduce symptoms. 

Best Device for Women – Especially to Help with PMS

Ovira Noha RRP $189

This clinically backed device is specifically designed for women and is super easy to use and there are no extra apps or features to make it function. 

Though not exactly designed for workout purposes, it is useful post workout.

The device is specifically designed for aiding in the relief of menstrual pain for women and uses the TEN technologies concept which creates stimulation in the muscles, to help prevent pain signals from travelling to the brain. This then causes the muscles in the uterine area to relax, resulting in a calming effect round the area.

You simply stick the pads on the area you wish to treat, such as on the love handles, or lower abdomen, press the on button and it will start right away. It’s completely portable, making it easy to wear anywhere, whether you are laying in bed, or on the couch, or working out. And it’s rechargeable by USB.

Best Device for Chronic Pain and Muscle Recovery:

PainPod M RRP $89

This ultra-wearable device is used for the relief of all sorts of pain associated with chronic issues and muscle recovery after a workout. 

PainPod is a medically researched and expertly engineered company with a variety of workout recovery tools. They combine clinically proven technologies which give effective relief from many types of pain in any area of the body. It can also be used to help increase blood and oxygen flow through the body, and provides relief from any tension caused from cramping. 

The biotechnology in every unit combines PainPod’s exclusive frequency treatment formulations, proven to precisely block the pain messages to the brain and helps the body release Endorphins reducing perception of pain.

The M model is USB chargeable device is attached to a strap, which can easily be fitted around the waist, arm or leg for comfortable wear under clothing, and can be worn when chilling out at home.

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