8 Simple Hacks to Reduce Bloating

how to reduce bloating

Bloating: It happens to the best of us. But that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant. 

From a build-up of excess gas, acid reflux, to trouble squeezing into your jeans, and even sharp pains in the chest and stomach, bloating can be uncomfortable and hard to bare.

Simple hacks including drinking extra water and regular exercise have been proven to help reduce bloating and acid reflux. But there are some lesser-known quick fixes worth a try to help reduce boating and the effects of acid reflux.

Drink herbal tea:

Peppermint, fennel, and ginger teas are all great choices for controlling bloating. You can drink them any time, whether it’s before or after a meal as a preventative measure or when you already have indigestion. 

Ditch artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners are, as the name suggests, artificial, so the body isn’t built to digest them. Naturally, that can result in bloating, as the digestive tract isn’t able to properly absorb these ingredients. 

Eat more parsley:

Packed with vitamins and minerals, parsley has countless nutritional benefits, and is high in enzymes making it effective for minimising bloating and addressing gastrointestinal stresses by stimulating the digestive tract and preventing gas from forming in the first place. 

Try a digestive aid:

If you need an additional boost to help kick the bloat quick, there are some over the counter medications like Gaviscon which is designed to help with acid reflux symptoms. Perfect for those times when you’re attending a special occasion like a wedding, or a birthday dinner, and accessing natural remedies is not an option.

Cook your veggies:

Uncooked and raw vegetables can be difficult for the body to break down. Cooking your vegetables before eating them breaks down and softens some of the fibres in vegetables which can lead to acid reflux and bloating. This will help reduce the amount of gas your digestive system is forced to produce in the process.

Slow down your eating:

Digestion starts in the mouth: Chewing food thoroughly breaks it down so that the stomach is better able to process it, while food needs to be mixed with the enzymes in saliva to digest properly in the first place. When you eat too fast, it creates acid reflux, which in turns creates unnecessary bloating. So slow down and enjoy every bite.

slow down your eating and reduce bloating and acid reflux
When you slow down your eating, you reduce the risk of acid reflux, which can lead to severe bloating.

Make probiotics part of your routine:

Bloating can be caused by a bacterial imbalance in your intestines, and because probiotics help to restore that balance, getting a regular dose of them can be in instrumental in soothing your digestive tract, calming bloat and help reduce any symptoms of acid reflux as well.

Take magnesium: 

Magnesium alleviates a variety of stomach issues, from simple bloating to pain and chronic indigestion, thanks to its stomach acid-neutralizing properties. It can be found in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and fish, but you can also get your daily recommended 200mg from supplements.

Through a simple change in your diet, like cutting out certain foods and adapting some of the above tips, you can reduce bloating and acid reflux. 

But if you experience bloating and acid reflux on a regular basis, we recommend you seek professional help, as there could be an underlying health issue which is causing these symptoms. 

Victoria Nash


Victoria is a guest contributor for Bondi Beauty, who writes about a variety of fitness, beauty and health topics. She is a freelance writer who works for a variety of different publications across Australia, as she loves having the flexibility to write for different brands about different subjects.

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