Morphe is a stand-alone cosmetic store with beauty’s best bargains.



Morphe could be the future of cosmetics globally, and the stand alone stores in Melbourne are a whole lot of fun.

It has taken a trip to Melbourne for me to discover the next big thing in cosmetics, and it’s coming to Sydney soon. 

Think Sephora or Mecca with make-up only, in a type of Fenty style, featuring some of the best cruelty free eye shadow palletes, beauty blenders, primers, accent plattes, bronzers, gloss sticks, concealers, lip glosses, lip sticks and pencils and foundations at a fraction of the price you would regularly pay for the same quality elsewhere.

But unlike Fenty, Morphe have a whole store full of their products and staff who know the products and go out of their way to teach you about the wonders of each and every one of them.

Brunette woman at the foundation counter for Morphe cosmetics in Melbourne.
Renae at Morphe, Melbourne Central. It is set to be the next big thing in beauty in Australia with stand alone stores and bargain make-up.

Lip pencils, which are quality products are just $4, foundation is $27, brushes (and they’re soft but strong) start at $6, vast eye palettes are $38 and up, lipstick and glosses start at $12 , liquid eye liner is $18 and so on.

And the store is packed with amazing products and seemingly endless colour ranges.  Think bold. This brand is no shrinking violet. And I haven’t even started on the collab ranges with Jeffree Star or Jaclyn Hill and more.

I’m sold.

I’m not the only one. The brand has 9.8 million instagram followers.

Morphe started as a brush brand in Los Angeles California in 2008, and has grown into a full blown indie make-up brand with 26 stand-alone stores all over the world. 

brunette woman lookign at eyeshadows at cosmetic counter Morphe.
Renae at Morphe, Melbourne Central. The eyeshadow pallettes are such great value for money. It is set to be the next big thing in beauty in Australia with stand alone stores and bargain make-up.

Their slogan is “blend the rules”, and it’s the price point combined with the quality of the products that makes this brand stand out.

They have a fabulous on-line store, but you really have to walk into this store to sample and see how amazing the concept and products really are.

This has to be the way of the forward for cosmetics, and consumers are set to save a fortune. At last.

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Renae Leith-Manos


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