Self Tan Review. The Revolutionary Self-Tans You Need This Summer.



Which Self Tan is the quickest and easiest and which is the best colour? We road tested the latest self-tans to bring these reccomendations and revelations to you.

It’s the single best and easiest beauty product to lift your mood, look better in what you wear (and what you don’t) and lets face it, there’s no doubt a tan makes you look significantly thinner.

Most celebrities tan all year round, as can be observed from their instagram accounts.

If you’re a self-tan virgin, click here for simple instructions.

For the most revolutionary self-tans for this summer, read on.

Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse Price: $29.95

Bali Body Self Tan, Reviewed By Bondi Beauty
Bali Body Self Tan, Reviewed By Bondi Beauty

This fabulously named tanning mousse is a versatile tanner as it can go as light or dark as you want it to depending on how you apply it. The instructions recommend to leave it on for 4-6 hours for a long lasting tan, but if you want it to be darker, you simply add another coat after you have had it on for an hour. Conversely if you want a lighter tan, just wash off after 1 hour.

Point of Difference: A buildable tan that dries quickly after application.

Fragrance: Subtle and not offensive.

Best Point: Dries to touch dry very quickly

Worst Point: Only comes in one shade, dark.

Situ it is best for:  A great self-tan to use on a regular basis.

St Tropez Self Tan Watermelon Infusion Bronzing Mousse Price: $49.95

St Tropez Watermelon Infused Self Tan as reviewed by Bondi Beauty
St Tropez Watermelon Infused Self Tan as reviewed by Bondi Beauty

Many beauty writers regard St Tropez as the ultimate self-tanning brand. Their products are high quality, and they have a creative team constantly coming up with innovative, forward thinking new products, like this one.

Point of Difference: The amazing sweet fragrance

Fragrance: Sweet watermelon

Best Point: The fragrance

Worst Point: It is a lighter colour, and you need a couple of coats over a couple of days to get it dark.

Situ it is best for:This is a great self-tan to use all summer long. It doesn’t dry out the skin as much as others, smells gorgeous and has natural colour. I like to use it every 3-4 days to maintain a healthy glow.

b.tan : “aint nobdy got time for that” Price: $14.99

Aint Nobody Self Tan as reviewed by Bondi Beauty
Aint Nobody Self Tan as reviewed by Bondi Beauty

This tan has to be mentioned, as it works in 9 minutes, yep, nine minutes flat. It is a mousse you apply using a mitt, and of course you can leave it on longer.  You only shower quickly (45 seconds). 

Point of difference: This paraben-free tan works in just 9 minutes flat. Wow.

Fragrance: Best point: Works super fast 

Worst Point: Doesn’t last as long as some self-tanners

Situ it is best for: A last minute self-tan when you forgot to tan the day before and have a hit night out.

b.tan:  ‘tanned AF’ Price: $13.99

BF Tanned AF  as reviewed by Bondi Beauty
B tan, Tanned AF as reviewed by Bondi Beauty

Point of difference: Gives you a streak-free dark tan in just one hour.

Fragrance: Subtle, almost non-existent.

Best Point: The speed at which it works. In one hour you will have a dark tan.

Worst point: Your skin will dry out if you don’t moisture it well every day after showering when wearing this self- tan.

Situ it is best for: Brilliant before going away for a weekend when you want to look tanned and healthy the whole time.

Great Sunkiss Light Self Tan Body Lotion Moisture-Rich , Ella Bache Price:$39.00

Great Sunkiss Light Self Tan Body Lotion Moisture-Rich
Great Sunkiss Light Self Tan Body Lotion Moisture-Rich

This classic self-tan product has been around for ages, and is a reliable, easy to use product that ensures your skin will not dry out. You can literally use this very day in summer, and your skin will not dry out, and will maintain a super natural looking glow.

Point of difference: A product that really moisturises and gives a light, subtle self-tan,

Fragrance: Smells like old fashioned self-tan in a good way.

Best Point: Excellent colour and ensures skin will not dry out.

Worst Point: The tan is light, so you have to be after a subtle, natural look

Situ it is best for: Pale skins, and daily tanning as it gets darker with each application. 

Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs Makeup Price: $17.95

Sally Hansen Body makeup for a full cover tan.
Sally Hansen Body makeup for a full cover tan.

This cult product is a favourite of too many celebrities to mention. Originally a spray, the liquid version makes application easier, and ensures full coverage (including veins, bruises or scars).

Enriched with Vitamin K, it moisturises the skin and makes legs smooth, and makes them glow. Palamaria extract is a magical ingredient that smooths dry areas of the skin ensuring they look silky smooth. it is water and transfer resistant for one day, and you wash it off at night with liquid body wash.

Point Of Difference: This is body make-up, so washes off after a day.

Fragrance: Very subtle.

Best Point: Makes your legs look, smooth, moist and tanned. Amazing.

Worst Point: Some nights I wish it wouldn’t wash off as it looks so fabulous!

Situ It Is Best For: A special event like a wedding or Day At The Race.

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