Some trainers prefer to train women – here’s why:



Fitness First Personal Trainer Michael Cunico explains why he prefers to train women more than men.


1) Women have less bravado than men.

In my experience, women approach new things like fitness training with a more open mind, a willingness to learn and a willingness to get the movement right. It’s the same reason females are generally more accurate shooters with a gun when they first enter military or police forces. They’re approach here is the same, they are open and willing; they don’t think they know how to do it already and are therefore open to coaching that is offered.

A lack of ego in the training environment allows steady progress, and if required regression, to get things right. Conversely, let’s see what happens when you ask the male to drop a plate off either side to ensure the movement is correct – you’ll get the same look you would have seen when as a 9 year old he realised wrestling isn’t real (I place myself in this category by the way!) This lack of bravado does have a negative side though – at times it can hold a woman back.

A woman who has discovered this weird art of lifting, and its benefits, at some stage will need to step outside of her comfort zone. She will need to strain and get uncomfortable. When she does this, I believe she will truly start to love the feeling and her progress will now be unstoppable.

2) Women are more mobile

While boys grow up doing push-ups and attempting to bench press small vehicles to impress their mates, woman are back bending and cart wheeling across the lawn. This is partly why woman are generally more mobile than men (a small situation their body is designed for, called child birth, may also have something to do with their superior mobility).

3) Women are incredibly determined.
Women, when focused, can be so clearly determined on their outcome that even as their trainer, I would be in the way of them and their squat rack! Working with a female who has a clearly defined goal can be very satisfying as a trainer, as nothing will get in the way of them achieving that outcome. The key is to try and maintain a level of commitment once the outcome or goal has been achieved. This often means setting their sights higher, and striving towards a new goal.

4) Women can be detail orientated.
In my experience, women tend to enjoy the details of their performance and their improvement equally, if not more so than men. Their willingness to try different things to get their movement or performance right can make them slightly easier to work with. They will revel in their new found strength gains, and from seeing how far they’ve come, particularly if they are new to weight training. This is particularly powerful if they start to outperform the males in the rack next to them. This can be a very special moment for a female!

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