Build Your Booty and Get Glutes of Steel



You’d be surprised, but the best way to build your booty doesn’t involve 100 squats.

Once you build your booty, you’ll never go back.

Don’t we all want the perfect Kim K butt? You’d be lying if you said no. But how does one get the perfect perky bum with glutes of steel these days?

What to expect (yes, it will hurt):
Yes, ladies, you are going to have to work hard with the intention of building your booty. Be prepared to experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs) – the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after strenuous exercise.

Activate them first:
The secret to building those glutes is to activate and wake them up properly so you don’t risk injury. You need to train them to switch on before you can do any big compound movements. This way, your brain will prepare your muscles to stabilise the body for any movement with a heavy weight.

Train with intelligence:
Starving yourself on some fad diet and doing lots of cardio isn’t the way to build your booty. Although the cardio will get rid of the fat, minimal glute training can lead to a flat booty. If you want glutes, you need to tailor your workout to building that area. Apply lots of squats, hip thrusts, lunges & deadlifts to your fitness routine. You want to add glute depth, not width.

Here are some exercises that will activate your glutes for a workout:

  • Glute bridges (3×15 reps): Lie on your back, knees bent and feet planted firmly on the floor. Keep the feet close to the bum and push the hips high towards the celling, squeezing the glutes at the top. Hold for one second, return to the start and repeat.
  • Crab walks with a resistant band (4×20 steps): Place the band around the outside of your legs, just above your knees. Step the feet shoulder width apart. Sitting into half a squat, lead with one leg stepping to the side, staying low in the squat. Step your left foot to the side, follow with your right foot to end up in your squat. Repeat 8 steps, then walk back and lead with the other leg, making sure to push your knees out and stay low.
  • Single leg deadlift (3×12 reps per leg): Start with your bodyweight and build up to using a kettlebell/dumbbell. Standing on one leg with a slight knee bend, hold the weight on the same side. Keep your shoulders and chest up tall. Bending at the hip, extend your free leg behind you for balance. Lower the weight until you are parallel to the floor, then return to the upright position.

Most exercises you perform to build your booty are difficult, so they can significantly raise your metabolism, which can in turn elevate your heart rate, burning off the fat while adding that round muscular shape.

You will solely be working your glutes, so you will see a bigger improvement in building your booty, rather than killing yourself doing 100 squats that aren’t specifically focused on getting that perky butt!

By Sonia McGlynn, Personal Trainer @ Orangetheory Fitness, Bondi Junction

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Sonia McGlynn


Sonia is a Sydney-based PT who describes herself as a "lucky Irish Leprechaun". She has been involved in every sport possible from football, dancing and everything in-between since she was able to walk. It's her passion to help others achieve their goals, but she thinks it's important to have a good balance in life between food, training and enjoying the odd Saturday night out. She believes we are all human and need time to let our hair down and relax whether it be having that pizza instead of salad or a schooner to cool & refresh after a coastal walk.

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