Category: Health

Why You Should Ditch The Booze in 2021

So your new year’s resolution was to lose weight and get healthy? Try quitting alcohol.

Detox the Healthy Way – With Food & Fitness

National Fitness Manager of Genesis Health & Fitness, Sam Merza explains the right way to detox after a month of festive eating and celebrating.

How To Beat Loneliness in 2021

Good connections and social support are vital to our wellbeing, but with COVID19 causing a disturbance to the way we socialise, people now more than ever are feeling the brunt of loneliness.

Which Contraceptive Is The Right Choice For You Right Now?

With so many choices for sexual health, what’s best for you? People take different forms of contraception for different reasons. Some don’t want to hear the pitter patter of little feet, others want to stay protected from sexually transmitted infections and others take contraception as a method to control their hormones. Finding the right contraceptive […]

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