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How To Make a Chai Latte

Make your own Chai Latte at home with this easy to follow recipe. Did you know in many parts of the world, Chai is actually the word for tea? In India the western version of Chai is actually referred to as Masala, which mean spiced tea. In the western world, Chai has become a a […]

Best free apps to track your sleep without an Apple watch

Ever wanted to know what your sleep is like? These apps will allow you to track your sleep for free as easily as placing your phone on your bedside table or underneath your pillow.  Sleep Cycle  Sleep cycle incorporates an intelligent alarm clock that wakes you up whilst in a light sleep, designed to make […]

Tips To Become A Morning Person That Actually Work

If you are a night owl that has a secret yearning to become an early bird, it is never too late to make the switch.    For as long as I can remember, I have always been more than willing to stay up past my bedtime. Mornings were always the worst part of the day […]

Could This Pill Cure Loneliness?

A pill to cure loneliness? Read on: Researchers at the University of Chicago have tested the possibility that loneliness and social anxiety could be eased by the simple swallowing of a pill. But can such a complex condition be fixed by medication? Loneliness is a complex and widespread issue. According to the 2018 Australian Loneliness […]

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