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#IPLEDGE, A Movement All Australians Should Get Behind

The hosts of the well-known pop culture podcast Shameless have launched their #IPLEDGE movement which focuses on calling out negative Instagram messaging surrounding the dangerous act of tanning. The relationship between tanning and skin cancer is not news to anyone and yet skin cancer statistics in Australia are some of the worst in the world. […]

The Fertility Diet That Will Help With Pregnancy And Weight Loss

Falling pregnant can be a difficult task, which is why there are several pro-fertility methods to help make it a little easier. Fertility diets are making a comeback with an additional bonus of promising weight loss. According to CNN Health, Havard researchers, Dr Jorge Chavarro and Dr Walter Willett from Havard T.H. Chan School of […]

How To Manage Anxiety

What exactly can you do about anxiety when it’s rearing its ugly head and taking control of the reigns? Anxiety can be incredibly scary, and crippling but it’s also very common – step one is knowing you’re not alone, and that you can get back to feeling better. We spoke to Dr Kieran Kennedy, for […]

Why You Shouldn’t Detox After Holiday Indulging (According to a Dietician)

Quick-fix detoxes and diets can be tempting to jump on the health and fitness bandwagon post-Christmas, but it’s not a healthy alternative, says this Brisbane dietician. For many, the holiday period can be a time of social gatherings and family catch ups, usually over too much food and drinks. And after letting loose and indulging, […]

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