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Could This Piercing Cure Your Migraines?

If you could cure your migraines forever and simultaneously give yourself a stylish edge, would you do it? According to Headache Australia, 4.9 million Aussies suffer from migraines, 71% of sufferers being women. Migraines can be extremely debilitating causing a tightening or throbbing-like ache around areas of the head. The cause of this neurological issue […]

How To Get Your Period Back Naturally.

Brigitte Warne is a Sydney based model and mother, who has PCOS. With a bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion, she believes using herbs, specifically tea can give your body its natural rhythm back. At the age of 27, after 10 years on the hormonal contraceptive pill, Brigitte Warne decided to stop taking the […]

How to Achieve a Pressure-Point Massage at Home

The founder of an at home massage therapy mat explains how you can achieve an at home massage. There is a strong likelihood massage clinics will still closed for a while, even with the relaxation on many lockdown restrictions across Australia. Sigh! I miss my local Chinese Massage clinic, where on my mental days of […]

How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check During Covid-19

We chat with the founder of Soul Alive Luke McLeod on how to manage stress and anxiety levels. Despite the slow lift of lockdown restrictions happening weekly across each state in Australia, many of us are still feeling the effects of isolation with restaurants and cafes still in the limbo stage. But there are many […]

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