Category: Health

How to Introduce Benefits Of The Greek Diet Into Your Life

The Ancient Greek diet is well renowned for the health benefits it offers.

Why Going to an Infrared Sauna Should Be Part of Your Routine

Now it’s 2021 it’s time to focus on yourself and incorporate self-care into your routine. That’s why you should put going to an Infrared Sauna in your routine.

Exploring The Link Between Meditation and Creativity

Picasso said that all children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. This remains as true today as ever before. Could meditation be the solution to fuelling your creativity?

Meditation Could Cure Your Hangover

Searching for the perfect hangover cure? Janoah van Kekem is a meditation and mindset coach whose mission is to shake up the stigma attached to meditation (yes, you can drink and meditate… maybe not at the same time though).

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