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Virtual Reality Meditation: How to De-Stress During Self Isolation

With much of the world now under lockdown and self-isolation due to COVID-19, managing stress and anxiety now needs to be conducted indoors. The World Health Organization is now classing stress as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st century”, but could technology actually be the solution, especially in today’s climate? Digital detoxes, step aside. Strap […]

Sleep Better – Every Night of the Week

Having trouble sleeping?  You could unknowingly be doing things throughout your day that leave you wide eyed at night. Sleep is a crucial part to your daily cycle and overall health. Not only does your body rest and replenish over night, but sleep also plays a crucial role in the functioning of your immune system, […]

I Tried Meditating Everyday For A Month

I like to think I am a relatively spiritual and mindful person. I have crystals scattered around my apartment and carry a rose quartz around with me everywhere in my purse. However, meditating is something I have also wanted to pursue, but always made excuses to not do. These excuses sounded like, “I’m too busy”, […]

#IPLEDGE, A Movement All Australians Should Get Behind

The hosts of the well-known pop culture podcast Shameless have launched their #IPLEDGE movement which focuses on calling out negative Instagram messaging surrounding the dangerous act of tanning. The relationship between tanning and skin cancer is not news to anyone and yet skin cancer statistics in Australia are some of the worst in the world. […]

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