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Go Alcohol-free for Christmas

Skip the gin and tonic this Christmas and go alcohol-free. With Christmas around the corner, for many of us, it means our consumption of sugary and alcoholic drinks increases, leaving our inner health feeling a little fried once the silly seasons come to an end. What you may not realise, is this increase in sugary […]

Why Science Says You Should Opt For Morning Sex Over Morning Coffee

Whilst hauling yourself out of bed to brew a steaming hot cup of espresso is a sure-fire way to wake you up in the morning, there is actually a more pleasurable alternative that involves hitting that snooze button and staying in bed. Sex. That’s right, a quick frisk in the sheets with bae is scientifically […]

Revitalise Your Life With Tea (it’s a cheap & easy way to feel good).

Different teas have different effects on the body, and if you don’t like drinking tea, you can cook with it! Tea is an easy way to boost your health and provide the revitalisation you need in life. Different teas have different effects on the body – and you might be surprised at how good they […]

Drinks To Avoid If You Want Instagrammable Teeth

In a time where almost everything is a potential Instagram upload, showing off your sparkling, clean teeth are just as important as ever. Tabitha Acret, EMS Dental’s Clinical Educator and Dental Hygienist has outlined the 4 drinks that can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. Wine Wine is highly acidic with a pH of 2.9 […]

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