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Vanessa Megan, Australia’s Natural Beauty Queen.

Vanessa Megan is fast making a name for herself as the Australian expert in natural beauty. Her natural beauty products are exceptional, and she is mindful of the environment. I first saw Vanessa Megan’s (her real name is Vanessa Megan Grey) natural beauty products in Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurant. It was about 10 years ago, […]

Natural Hand Made Chocolates infused with immunity? Yes.

Sydney Nutrition Coach Claudia Graham has a booming business, Pixiehands, selling vegan, raw protein chocolates infused with natural immunity to boost health. She delivered a batch of her raw protein chocolate to BB HQ, and we are absolutely hooked on these delicious, vegan, treats. The best thing about these healthy vegan chocolates is not only […]

6 Fab Apps To Reduce Anxiety Now (we tried them).

It’s hard not to be anxious with the world in such a state of upheaval and change. But there are fantastic personal growth apps that can help you right now. We road tested all six apps below and think they are all fantastic to upload right now for some support and love in tough times. […]

Fitness (not booze) Will Get You Through The Covid-19 Crisis.

Everyone is reaching for vices right now. It’s human nature, it’s normal it’s natural. But some are better than others. Fitness has been my fall back throughout my life, and helped me get over the many hurdles I have faced, including the one we are all facing right now. Growing up in South Australia, I […]

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