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Why the Pandemic is the Best Thing to Happen to Dating (Plus luxe to less brows).

The world as we know it has changed, and whilst it may not seem like it, it’s actually all good news for dating. I have a pile of single friends, many in their late 30’s, excited and ready to meet THE GUY. They want marriage and babies. But thanks to Covid-19 and the economic aftermath […]

Triathlon Taught Me How To Solve Panda Eyes (plus the cheapest full coverage foundation)

There is nothing worse than black rings around your eyes after working out, but there are easy ways to fix this common beauty blunder. It’s an issue that really crept up on me a few years ago when I was training for triathlon, (which is swimming, cycling and running – in succession, so one after […]

The Beauty of a Luxury Beauty Salon

A recent visit to Sydney beauty salon Jocelyn Petroni has restored my faith in Australian beauty salons. As previously reported here, I have been slow off the mark to get back into my beauty routines, and this week I finally went to a beauty salon for the first time. It was one of Sydney’s best, […]

Before You Speak: The Coffee That’s Redefining Instant Coffee

Before you Speak is the instant coffee you make at home that contains superfoods. Anyone who has ever fasted, knows the importance of black coffee to get you through. And plenty of people who have never fasted also know the value of a great coffee first thing in the morning to kick-start your day. As […]

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