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Dating in Sydney During The Pandemic.

Yes, people are still dating during the pandemic but it seems there have been a lot of changes, & it’s all good. I have had a lot to say about dating over the years. The last article I wrote asserting that Eastern suburbs Sydney men over 40 years of age needed a decent recession to […]

Luxe To Less Beauty Products. How To Save On Your Faves

I am a huge fan of dupes – those fab products that are so close to being the same as the original product, but which cost a heck of a lot less. I love luxury, but for days when I’m travelling, I’ve maxed my credit card, or for my gym bag, some fab products with […]

Is lower oxygen the quickest way to get your bikini body back this Summer?

Air Locker has landed in Bondi Junction, offering high altitude training with weights, boxing, regular cardio – and less oxygen. Air Locker Bondi is a workout for the mind, body and soul, as every aspect of your health and wellness is challenged with this type of training. It’s a group workout that puts your body […]

Why a Hiking Date Should be the Next Invitation You Say Yes To

Sitting with my single friends, the whole dating in scene is upside down right now due to the pandemic. Listening to their dating adventures, everything has to be so much more organised, committed and just damn serious now. Think about it. Dinner and a movie is a full blown ordeal of book the date, and […]

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