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Red Meat is back on the menu – scientists now say we have been misled.

In a world of growing vegetarianism and veganism, the question of whether or not meat is good for us is a controversial issue. These American scientists think they have found the answer. Now they’re telling us – in America at least- to put steak back on the menu. Yep, the effects of meat on the […]

Coffee or No Coffee?

Tomorrow-October 1 is international coffee day. And of all of the food and drinks we write about here at Bondi Beauty, coffee has as many lovers as haters. It really is controversial – and confusing. And we know first hand as we read so many of the reports. There are the studies that say it […]

Pilates has Been Re-invented

A new fitness studio, Vive Active in Sydney’s Double Bay is re-inventing both our perception of pilates as well as the reality of a pilates class. This new fitness concept pairs pilates reformer exercise with amazing high intensity beats, a constantly changing next-gen lights show, 5 minutes of HIT per class and a NYC style […]

Keeping fitness in the family.

Yesterday one of my dreams came true. I ran a race, like a proper, organised race with my children. It was the 10km Blackmores Bridge Run in Sydney. The three of us registered, trained, braved the registration event at town hall to collect our bibs, then got up early on the day, caught the train […]

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