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What You Should Know If You Think You Have Pulled A Muscle

Every muscle in your body can be subjected to a strain when overtly stretched, inevitably causing pain during and after exercise.

What Elite Athletes Can Teach Us About Getting Fit?

Elite athletes are dedicated to their sport. How they train can inspire us. From shooting goals to breaking world records in swimming, top athletes get the attention and respect of fans globally. Elite athletes are talented, but talent isn’t the only thing that helps them break world records. You may not want to win a […]

The Ultimate No Bullsh*t Workout That Actually Works

High-intensity interval training is the ultimate health hack for time-poor individuals. HIIT involves periods of high intensity work followed by small intervals of complete or active rest. In essence, it is super high intensity fitness for a short period of time with even shorter amount of time to rest. This keeps the heart rate up […]

Need a New Sports Bra – Check Out These Top 6 We Road Tested

Six cute and functional sports bras sure to get you excited about heading to the gym

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