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How to Beat the Christmas Binge

We are fast approaching silly season, which means binging at Christmas parties, summer BBQ’s and long lunches. Inevitably, this also means a few more rosés and extra helpings. No one is trying to take away these good times away from you, but being more strategic regarding your health & fitness may prevent unwanted weight gain. […]

How to Keep Your Fitness on Track over Christmas

Here’s how to stay focused over the holidays and keep your fitness on track this Christmas. Bondi Beauty spoke to former professional tennis player and cancer survivor Matt Fox on ways you can stay focused over the holiday period and keep your fitness on track. Now an elite coach, a personal trainer, an Active Escapes […]

Insta-Worthy Fitness Classes

If you can’t get an Insta photo out of it, how worthwhile is it? If this is a question you ask yourself every now and again then you might be interested in these 5 amazing fitness classes that are aesthetic AF. Trampo-Line Jumping in Surry Hills Perfect for Boosting metabolism and losing weight. This quirky […]

Struggling to Stick to Your Workout Plans? This is the Best Way to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Sydney fitness expert Lizzie B shares her tips on the best way to get fit and stay fit. It is difficult to set fitness goals that are both realistic and that get results. All too often, new plans to get fit and lose weight are cast aside after a matter of weeks, as it becomes […]

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