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Headstand Hacks: Exercises to strengthen your shoulders and core

If a yogic headstand is on your fitness bucket list then check out these shoulder and core exercises to help you get there. BB Writer Tara McKenzie is a qualified fitness instructor and headstand junkie. She gives her favourite exercises to strengthen the shoulders and core to prepare the body for headstands. These exercises are […]

5 Bad Habits To Avoid After A Workout

Your post-workout routine may be damaging your progress. Here are 5 ways to improve your recovery routine if you want to reach your fitness goals. Skipping cool down exercises You’re probably barely squeezing in an hour of gym time before rushing back to work. Surely that extra ten minutes for a cool down just isn’t […]

Our Tips For Feeling Comfortable In The Gym

We get it. Going to a new gym for the first time can be super intimidating – especially if you are also new to exercise. Whether you prefer working out by yourself or in a class it can be a bit nerve racking if you’ve never done a certain exercise before, or if the demographic […]

Grow Your Peach With This Booty Band Workout

If you follow anybody on fitness influencer on Instagram right now, then you are probably familiar with resistance/ booty bands. Every woman and their dog are using them right now to grow their booty and tone their legs – and there is a good reason why. Resistance bands, in particular hip circles or booty bands […]

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