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Working From Home Mobility Stretches

Bring on the ultimate back crack and stretch out tired muscles with these mobility stretches. Carolyn J Lacey, otherwise known as CJ (@pilatefit) is a Sydney based personal trainer and Pilates instructor. She is a strong believer that you can improve your strength, mobility, and movement patterns no matter your age, current fitness level or […]

The Ingredient That Makes Collagen More Effective: Secrets from a Dietician.

Confused as to which protein powder to take? Not sure how much to eat to lose weight? How can your expensive collagen powder be more easily absorbed? Bondi Beauty chats to Amazonia’s head dietician Tara Kaff, to answer your questions. The field of nutrition can be complicated for anyone, let alone people just starting out […]

A 4 Second Work Out Might Be Better Than An Hour? Yes Please!

Intense bursts of exercise throughout the day may have surprising metabolic benefits, and potentially be better than traditional exercise sessions. It is estimated Australians spent 80% of their working day sitting down, which can be 8 to 10 hours a day. A recent study in Austin, Texas tested whether very short bursts (about 4 seconds) […]

The Fitness Regimes Getting Us Through Lockdown

As we continue to spend more and more time indoors, it’s easy to become stir crazy. It’s more important than ever to incorporate movement into our daily routines. Here at Bondi Beauty, we believe that any movement is good movement, whether that be a sweaty HIIT or cardio session, some Zen yoga – or even […]

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