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Fitness Motivation Hacks

At Bondi Beauty we love all things fitness, but we understand that with busy schedules and varying priorities, actually finding the motivation to go to the gym can be difficult. Here are some of our go to work-out motivation hacks to help get yourself back on that fitness grind. Sarah: Find some motivation go-to’s On […]

Are Audio-Guided Workouts The Next Big Thing?

We are all time poor, so it is surprising audio-guided workouts have only just hit the fitness scene.  Personal trainers are effective and reliable, but expensive. Exercise tutorials on YouTube are informative and easy to access but are problematic when the viewer has to repeatedly crane their neck at the screen to check if they […]

Do you burn more calories on your period?

Ever wondered if going to the gym on your period is effective or staying in bed eating chocolate is better? Stephanie Bruce, 35 year old professional runner and marathoner recently made headlines by winning the USATF Half Marathon Championship in Pittsburgh earning a new personal best after getting her period the night before. Stephanie Bruce […]

How to choose the right shoe for your fitness:

Whether your fitness routine involves hitting the gym, running a marathon, going to a Pilates class or simply going for a walk, you need to choose the right shoe. Here’s how: Different shoe designs support the foot and ankle in different ways to enable maximum comfort and minimise chances of injury. Here are some top […]

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