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The Best Self-Tanning Products Which Don’t Smell or Stain

We tried three fabulous self-tanning products and put them to the test on the smell and stain factor, so you don’t have to – you’re welcome. At Bondi Beauty, we are constantly receiving beauty questions from our readers who are looking for advice on what sorts of beauty treatments and products work for different things. […]

The Beauty Tools That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes the biggest beauty heros, aren’t concealers and primers, but rather sponges and brushes that make the make-up happen. Often the most important products are the ones behind the scenes. Sure, there’s foundation which makes us glow, that one lipstick you can’t live without, or the concealer which works wonders after a big night. But […]

5 Sydney Day Spas You Wont Want To Miss

There are still some say spa restrictions in Sydney, but most are open for business. These are five Sydney spas we are loving right now. If being in isolation has taught us beauties anything, it’s how much we missed beauty salons. And although home beauty tech helped us through our darkest times, there is nothing […]

If You Aren’t Using Witch Hazel You’re Going to Want to Start Now

Why you should re-think using witch hazel and I chat about my fave moisturiser. Every so often, there is that one product I can just stop talking about. Or in this case, there is one ingredient I just can’t stop raving about. Right now it is Witch Hazel. Last year it was sheet masks, but […]

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