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Is Crystal Beauty What It’s All Cracked Up To Be?

Harness the power of crystals with beauty in your skincare products. Holistic beauty has seen its fair share of trends, from DIY coconut inspired body scrubs to essential oil infused olive oils for cleansing the skin. But the latest, and most popular crazy trend seen world-wide right now, is crystal-infused beauty products. Though not exactly […]

How To Celebrate Father’s Day During a Global Pandemic

Father’s Day will be celebrated differently this year for many Australians, as face to face contact with dad to celebrate won’t be possible. However, though these times are uncertain with a future hard to predict during a global pandemic, there are still ways to celebrate Father’s Day if you’re either unable to have contact due […]

The Beauty Tools That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes the biggest beauty heros, aren’t concealers and primers, but rather sponges and brushes that make the make-up happen. Often the most important products are the ones behind the scenes. Sure, there’s foundation which makes us glow, that one lipstick you can’t live without, or the concealer which works wonders after a big night. But […]

5 Sydney Day Spas You Wont Want To Miss

There are still some say spa restrictions in Sydney, but most are open for business. These are five Sydney spas we are loving right now. If being in isolation has taught us beauties anything, it’s how much we missed beauty salons. And although home beauty tech helped us through our darkest times, there is nothing […]

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