Sleep with your make-up on? Here are the real consequences:

We’re all guilty of falling asleep with make-up on, and the negative effects have been drummed into us for years. These are the facts.

Yes, there are real reasons why you should take your make-up off.

 Why it’s worth getting out the cleanser or make-up wipes:

There are many negative effects of sleeping with your make-up on:

1) The renewal process.
Skin cells – like many cells in the body repair and renew at night. Foundation, primers and heavy coverage on the skin can hinder this process and cause damage including sallowness, dark circles under eyes, blocked pores and even wrinkles or acne.

You want air to be circulating, pore to be able to breath as well as sweat and skin to be able to breath.

2) Dry Skin
Almost all make-up left on skin overnight dries it out. Lipstick is the worst as it dehydrates fast and can leave you with chapped lips.

Anything with colour pigment is usually dehydrating, so rouge, coloured eye shadow and even face powder from skin toned heavier coverage versions to translucent oil absorbing powders will dry out skin very quickly overnight.

3) Eyes
Eye make-up left on can do significant damage. Mascara can cause bacteria to clog up lashes and intern bring on infections. Women have been known to wake up with a super puffy eye after spending the night wearing mascara or eye liner.

Eye liner dehydrates eyelids, and causes wrinkles. It can also  dehydrate and cause sagging of the delicate under-eye skin area.

4) Chemicals
Make-up contains chemicals, most contain parabens. Some chemicals are more harmful than others.

It make sense to remove these from skin at night, so you have a chemical-free, healthier sleep.

And what’s the best way to remove make-up fast?  With make-up remover wipes. They’re quick, easy and work well. We love Johnson’s Facial Bedtime wipes which have a heavenly scent, named Moonflower, but for me, I’d buy these just for the fragrance. I love it, and these little gems work wonders in seconds.

We love the scent of these Johnson’s bedtime facial wipes.

Do you wear make-up to bed very often?




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