The Best Everyday Fashion Tips from The BB Team

Fashion Tips

Fashion styles are ever changing, with new fads and trends becoming popular day by day, here are some fashion tips from the BB team.

The BB Team have shared their favourite insider fashion tips to give an inside glimpse at how to make the most out of an outfit.

As Rachel Zoe once said, “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

BB Founder Renae’s Fashion Tips

Renae’s secret is that she wears what suits her and resists major trends and fads. Renae also gives her old clothes to charity and regularly updates her wardrobe. This is critical as a woman in today’s world because wearing old clothes is not a good look no matter how well they might fit.

She also recommends having a good fashion buddy as it is always a good idea when trying something new as honesty is the best policy to be fashion forwards.

BB Beauty Contributor Rebecca’s Tips

Rebecca’s fashion advice is to find clothing that works to flatter body shape and personality. Sure that floral dress looks great on the manikin in the shop, but it may not suit everyone’s figure, hair, or skin colour, as not all fashion is designed to suit everyone.

Rebecca finds that some people look great in dresses, whilst others look hot in pants instead, so it’s important to find what works and then rock it. By doing this, Rebecca has discovered that it’s helped her create her own fashion forward style, that is unique to her body, looks and personality.

Rebecca also finds inspiration in seeking out look alike models who resemble her figure, shape and size, hair and specific features. If they can work an outfit with a similar body shape and style, then she knows it will work for her too.

BB Contributor Mia’s Tip

Mia’s secret is to always accessorise with jewellery. A simple outfit can be transformed into something totally fashionable and trendy with the addition of jewellery. It seems so obvious but it really goes a long way.

Even a cute pair of earrings can frame the face and bring out facial features, or a statement necklace can be used to add a pop of colour to dress up the outfit. Mia’s favourite affordable jewellery brand at the moment is Ava Olssen Jewellery Co.

BB Contributor Czelene’s Fashion Tip

Czelene’s secret is to purchase shoes that can go with any and all outfits. She owns about 4 pairs of shoes (including Converse, Doc Martens, and Nike Blazers) and they all go with any outfit which is super helpful when planning what to wear.

Even if they’re basic shoes, they’re timeless. Czelene also likes purchasing shoes that are either black or white as, again, they suit any fit in any season.

Czelene’s favourite pair of shoes that she owns are her Doc Martens Vegan Blair Sandals because she can wear them with jeans, skirts and dresses and it will look good no matter what. These shoes can pull off both casual and more ‘dressy’ outfits. 

BB Contributor Kelly’s Fashion Tip

Kelly’s insider fashion secret buying vintage. It is a sustainable way to shop, and allows the discovery of unique pieces that suit personal style. Kelly loves hitting up op shops or vintage stores to find unique clothes and accessories.

She finds so many timeless pieces that never go out of style, as well as high quality items. She also loves to use Pinterest to find style inspiration, someone like Devon Lee Carlson always rocks vintage pieces in a unique and fun way.

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