Working out in saunas and hot yoga – this is what they do to your skin.



Ever wondered about the effects of hot yoga, saunas, and working out on your skin?

Hot yoga, hot water, hot saunas – they all effect your skin.

Bondi Beauty spoke to Emma Hobson from Dermalogica about the effects of winter weather and the effects of heat from both saunas and hot yoga classes on our skin.

When working out, is our skin affected differently in winter to summer?

A: Not for indoor exercise, if you are outdoors it’s a good idea to use products that increase hydration, reduce sensitisation and most importantly protect the barrier function of the skin. (see above in mositurisation segment on using barrier repair and protective moisturisers). Remember you’ll still need an SPF30+.

What about the effects of skin when doing hot yoga and exercises inside where it is hot?

A: The skin is an organ of elimination and temperature control, and one of the ways it does this is through sweat, and we tend to sweat a lot during hot yoga. The problem is that sweat evaporates on the skin’s surface which can cause dehydration. Before you exercise it’s a good idea to spritz your skin with a non-alcohol based toner to boost as well as keep the moisture as much as possible in the skin.

It is advisable to keep the skin clear of any heavy facial make up, especially those that contain comedogenic ingredients (clogging), this will help prevent possible congestion and breakouts. Ideally if you want to wear makeup during your practice chose a tinted moisturiser or foundation that is oil free and light weight.

Is it the same in a sauna?

A: Yes very similar, but not quite the extreme heat of a sauna, in which effects are magnified.

What about going from hot to cold – so a sauna to a pool and back?

A: From hot, to cold, to hot can cause the skin to become sensitised and because of its effect on the circulatory system, if you are prone to tiny broken capillaries something to be avoided.

 If there is one fail-safe trick for looking after our skin in winter, what is it?

A: In one word, protection. The skin benefits from some special TLC protecting it for any harsh change in environment. In winter the skin can become very dehydrated, when severe this can lead to cracking, itching, very sensitised and irritated. Two key products I’d not go without are 1. a multi vitamin power mask and 2. a silicone based protective moisturiser.

Why do you like working out in the heat?



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