Have You Heard About The New Beauty Trend ‘Slugging’?

‘Slugging’ is the new beauty trend gaining popularity on Tik Tok and Reddit. So, what exactly is it? 

Don’t worry, as odd as the eye-catching name seems, ‘slugging’ doesn’t involve real slugs. It’s the newest Korean-beauty routine which has taken over. 

And its popularity came at the right time as its most beneficial for Winter. 

The skin care routine has its specific target audience, so to know if you’re suitable to include this into your skincare regime, keep reading. 

What is ‘Slugging’?

Petroleum Jelly is the key component

Slugging involves adding a thin layer of petroleum jelly onto the skin to leave overnight in order to for the skin to be hydrated – or to become a glazed donut. 

The great thing about ‘slugging’ is it can be applied beyond the face, basically where ever the driest spots on the body are – from the forehead all the way down to the ankles. 

Even though this k-beauty beauty routine has sky-rocketed this year, dermatologist and skin enthusiasts have been doing this for years, just minus the strange name. 

This oily treatment is what was (and still is) recommended for people suffering with eczema and to generally retain or tap into moisture in the skin. However, thanks to 15-second videos with the latest top pop song, social media has brought the slug’s recognition it deserves. 

Who Is ‘Slugging’ Suited For? 

According to Dermatologist, Dr David Kim, ‘slugging’ is suited best dry and/or mature skin – it also helps very dry skin during the winter to give that extra boost of moisture. He also said people with eczema to help repair a barrier for the skin. However, Dr Kim recommends not to do the ‘slugging’ procedure every night, regardless of how dry the skin is. 

The petrolatum found in ointments such as Vaseline and CeraVe, is considered occlusive which means it increases hydration with the skin. Dr Kim says ‘slugging’ “works by repairing the skin by keeping the skin barrier intact and minimizing the trans-epidermal water loss by trapping moisture”. 

So, avoid ‘slugging’ with acne-prone, oily and combination skin. 

How To: ‘Slugging’

TeenVogue  provides a simple method for any ‘slugging’ newcomers. With the help of dermatologist, Shari Marchbein, here is an easy 3-step procedure:

  1. Cleanse and dampen your face as you normally would.
  2. (OPTIONAL) Apply hydration, like a gentle serum or moisturizer. Dr. Marchbein says you can use products with hyaluronic acid or any hydrating moisturizer underneath your slugging layer, but she doesn’t think it’s mandatory. If you do go for it, she recommends keeping it gentle.
  3. Seal it in with a thin, occlusive layer of Vaseline or any petrolatum-based ointment. Dr. Marchbein’s biggest warning? Remember to keep the petrolatum layer thin.

Or, watch this quick Tik Tok from the user @lenamaiah showing the ‘slugging’ method:

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