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Shake the winter blues and get fit now

Winter can be a great time to re-motivate and get fit fast. The days are colder and shorter making it harder to set your alarm for an early morning jog, or go to the gym rather than heading straight home after work. What can you do to re-motivate yourself until the warmer temps, longer days […]

6 Reasons to Work Out in Winter

6 benefits of working out in winter. It’s cold and dark outside and you think to yourself, forget it! I’ll skip my workout this morning, it’s just way too cold outside. But, before you throw in the towel, we have 6 great reasons why a winter workout is great for your body. You burn more […]

Keeping your figure through winter

Use our fitness rules for winter to make sure the kilos don’t go up as the heat goes down.  Keep an eye on your food choices When it comes to food, two new patterns emerge in winter. We change the type of food we gravitate towards – salad looks far less appetising on a wintery […]