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Why you need to try this partner workout Zac Efron and Nina Dobrev crushed

Zac Efron should be enough convincing already; here’s the insider into the partner workout on everyone’s mind Zac Efron and Nina Dobrev in early April smashed a partner workout and posted it to social media. Within hours it went viral, viewed more than 4 million times already. Efron, 31 and Dobrev, 30, teamed up to […]

The 7 conversations to have before you get married.

The seven (or eight) year itch still exists – but you CAN beat it, here’s how: There are 7 critical things to talk about before your wedding day, to ensure your marriage lasts. Relationship expert Dr Karen Phillips has devoted her life’s work to mending broken marriages. She says the average marriage lasts less than 8 […]