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Key Nutrients for Shiny, Healthy, Fast-Growing Hair

Loading up on these key vitamins, minerals and nutrient-dense foods is a sure-fire path to healthy, luscious hair.    It is easy to assume that investing in a quality shampoo & conditioner and other topical treatments is the only path to healthy, strong, vibrant hair.  However, the truth is that to achieve healthy hair condition and growth, consuming a diet […]

Healthy Winter Comfort Food Recipes

Have the winter months had you craving comfort food? Are you worried that by Spring, you’re winter bod will be settled in? Fear not, we have created a list of our favorited healthy winter comfort food alternatives that won’t leave you 5kg heavier. Hand-cut Potato Chips INGREDIENTS 4 large yellow potatoes skin on 4 tbsp […]

The newest superfoods you’ve never heard of (but need to)

Here are 7 of the newest superfoods that we know you have never heard of. Exercise and Sport Scientist Stephanie King guarantees each one is jam-packed with beneficial nutrients, great for improving overall health and wellbeing. Maple Water Containing the purest sap that runs through maple trees, maple water is a clear, refreshing drink (without the […]

The Health Benefits of Drinking A Chai Latte

Did you know a chai latte is consumed every two seconds somewhere in Australia? Few know of the many amazing health benefits of chai. Chai latte is the ultimate comforting, warm and delicious drink coming into winter. The delicious, sweet and creamy drink has become highly popular in our society of great café culture. Chai latte […]

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