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Why Buying New Activewear Makes You Feel More Motivated In The Gym

Don’t feel guilty for buying new activewear, there is scientific evidence to prove it’s necessary. Do you have buyer’s remorse after spending money on new workout gear? Stop right there because research shows that dressing for success doesn’t only apply to the professional world but also applies to health and fitness. Enclothed Cognition is the […]

Did You Know Fitness with Friends Makes You Stronger?

Bondi-based fitness guru Brandon Hasick tells us why exercising with friends is the best thing for motivation. No one likes being the only one who can’t do something, whilst everyone is making it look easy. And that is exactly why you should be training in a group setting or at least have people to bounce […]

How to Get Fit at Any Age

It’s never too late or too early to get in shape. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just want to maintain your strength, here’s how to stay fit and healthy at any age – and there are tips for mum here too! In your 20s I always say, “Staying in shape is easier than […]

How to Make Time to Get Fit If You’re Busy AF

Make time for your fitness and everything can change. Ask many people why they don’t exercise – or exercise more -, and they will say they lack the time. ‘My daily life is too busy and tiring, I work very long hours, I have too many activities with my partner or the kids.’ However, regular […]

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