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A Gluten Free Recipe to Die For – lime and coconut cake.

Calling all gluten free girls. This Lime and Coconut Island cake is a great treat to bake at home and share with your friends. Rowie from Rowie’s Cakes shares with us her delicious gluten free recipe proving that naughty treats can still have a little bit of those nice healthy benefits. Rowie’s Cakes is a […]

Just Because it’s Gluten-Free, Doesn’t Mean it’s Good For You

We chat with Sydney based Nutritionist Caroline Trickey on why you should seek professional advice before adopting a gluten-free diet. From a young age, Caroline Trickey always knew she was going to work in food and health. Having a strong passion for clean eating and great foods, and fascinated with the idea of maintaining good […]

A Gluten-Free Log Cake Recipe for Christmas

Sydney based Dietician and Nutritionist Caroline Trickey has created an amazing Christmas Log Cake recipe, that’s gluten-free. Yes, Gluten-free. Yum This recipe serves 12-24 Ingredients: 1kg ricotta cheese 12 large Raw Cacao Food Crafters cookies (50g) (foodcrafters.com.au) 1/3 cup maple syrup Zest of one orange Instructions: Use an electric beater to beat the ricotta, syrup […]

Yummy Gluten-Free Chocolate Truffles for Christmas

Looking for a chocolate treat this Christmas, that’s actually good for you? Sydney based Dietician and Nutritionist, Caroline Trickey, shares a delicious Gluten-Free Chocolate truffle recipe: This recipe makes 12 truffles Ingredients: 8 of The Food Crafters cookies (12-pack mini cookies) (foodcrafters.com.au) 1 ½ tablespoons your choice of liquid – Baileys, Malibu, orange juice, coconut […]

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