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Shortcuts to get that body back into shape

Everyone needs motivation right now. Here are 5 easy ideas to keep your workouts interesting, and get that body back. 1. Explore Sydney’s famous coastal walking tracks With a plethora of walking tracks around Sydney’s stunning coastline, there is no doubt you could explore a different track every weekend for the rest of the year. Grab […]

Seven Days For City2Surf Success

Just seven days to go Up to 85,000 people are expected to complete the city2surf next Sunday. Whether you have followed the training program run for run, or plan to wing it on the day, here are some last-minute tips that are sure to get you through every kilometre. Hydrate Make sure you are drinking […]

Get competitive. How to compete in your first fun run.

Events like fun runs, walks and rides help many stay motivated and get stronger, faster and leaner. Some people thrive on exercise and don’t need a goal. As Nike says, they just do it, others need a goal or series of goals to stay motivated.  Today there are a whole host of fun runs in […]