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Types of People You’ll Date in Your 20s

Your 20’s are a time of growth and learning across all areas of life including dating. These are the types of guys you are likely to find yourself meeting  – and some tips so you can see them coming. The Fuckboy This is the guy from all of your favourite rom-coms. Maybe he’s known as […]

Dating In Your 20’s – How To Do It Right

Bondi Beauty spoke to one of Sydney’s top dating experts about how to date in your 20’s. From knowing when to take the lead, to the world of online dating, to knowing how to know your worth and value when it comes to the way men treat you – dating is a complex thing. Your […]

Science Says: Do men prefer a hot face or body in women?

Which is more attractive to a man; face or body? As much as women would like to believe personality is the only deciding factor for men when choosing a partner, it can’t be denied that physical attractiveness also plays a large part. Appearance is the first thing people see when meeting, so it makes sense […]