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My 2-Day Liquid Wellness Cleanse

Popular clean eating Bondi cafe Mr Perkins has a new 2-day liquid wellness cleanse. It’s called the Wellness Cleanse, and it consists of 12 delicious pre-made recipes in jars to help you detox, cleanse and refresh your system in just 2 days. The recipes include hearty vegetable soups, refreshing fruit smoothies and a delicious chai […]

7 Foods for Flawless Skin

If you suffer from acne, hormonal breakouts or other spots, eat these seven foods to help clear your skin naturally. A good skincare routine is essential to maintaining healthy skin. But, sometimes using great skincare products just isn’t enough to keep your skin clear. By incorporating these delicious 7 foods into your diet, your skin […]

Keeping your figure through winter

Use our fitness rules for winter to make sure the kilos don’t go up as the heat goes down.  Keep an eye on your food choices When it comes to food, two new patterns emerge in winter. We change the type of food we gravitate towards – salad looks far less appetising on a wintery […]

Vegan Lasagne Recipe To Die for

Vegan Lasagne recipe to die for that makes you a legit chef. Founder of First Base, a Bondi activewear brand, Alison Cotton shares her secret vegan lasagne recipe that will turn you into a legit chef. We’ve tried it and it’s delicious – so here it is:  Lasagne: 2 large eggplants sliced into 0.5cm thick slices […]

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