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Is seaweed the way to get skinny?

Seaweed Yourself Skinny? Quite possibly. The sneaky way to fight fat may be at the bottom of the ocean A finding published in the journal Food Chemistry this year suggests that alginate, usually found in sea kelp, can prevent fat from being digested into the stomach. The alginate reduces the breakdown of fat by a […]

Secret super foods

Foods you didn’t know existed and why you need them in your diet Super foods are gold for your body – we’ve found a few that you may not even know existed. Millet Millet is a small round grain that ranges in colour (white, grey, yellow or red) and has a mild nutty taste. It’s a […]

Ten Snacks To Eat Yourself Smart

Want to eat and study effectively at the same time? Ten Snacks To Make Yourself Smart When you’re studying, you get the munchies. It’s unavoidable. Learn how your snacking habits can actually help you work harder and study better with these ten easy nibbles. And yes, there are no-carb options here. Banana Bites Place a tortilla […]