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Kettlebells, ropes, suspension training – worth the hype?

Are kettlebells, ropes and TRX suspension really going to help you achieve your strength and fitness goals any faster than a run and a set of dumbbells? We give you the real rundown. Kettlebells Kettlebell training definitely offers strength and power results, if not always equal to traditional weight lifting. What they do offer is a […]

Destination fitness – get fit for travel

Going on a holiday or on a travel adventure? Prepare your body physically to make sure you get the most out of your trip. Before the fun bit begins there is some lifting and pulling of heavy bags and suitcases, down stairs, out of car boots, through airports, into overhead lockers and off baggage collection […]

Travelling? You can still work out

Many people put on weight when they travel. But you can prevent this with a simple holiday workout in your hotel room: You’ve done all the hard work and you’re looking good for your trip. Sydney PT Brandon Hasick says don’t make the mistake of letting all go. Follow these simple steps to maintain your […]

Food to eat for training

Should you train on an empty stomach or should you fill your guts before a workout? What to eat before and after exercise: Food for training and energy requirements is critical to the effectiveness of your workout. However, confusion lies within people believing that if there is nothing in your stomach then your body will […]

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